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Bermuda Triangle

Sunny Jan 22, 2010

Sixty years ago on December 5, 1945 at 4:00pm Eastern Time, a fragment of a radio transmission was heard from a training flight of five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers that had departed from Fort Lauderdale earlier that day. The transmission was thought to be from Lt. Charles Taylor– the senior flight instructor– to one of the other pilots. The message indicated that the flight group had become lost and disoriented over the ocean east of Florida, and all of their compasses were malfunctioning.
The U.S. Naval Air Station attempted to establish communications on the training frequency, but interference from Cuba broadcasting stations, static, and atmospheric conditions prevented any meaningful contact.

Brief snippets of radio transmissions were heard on the mainland, including some which indicated that the students were trying to convince their flight instructor to change the flight’s course westward, but he refused. In the early evening, it was determined that Flight 19’s position was east of central Florida, but the squadron could not be contacted to inform them. The planes continued on their northeast course, heading further out into the ocean.

Kissing Capital of the world

samatha Jan 20, 2010

YES WE CAN kiss in Guanajuato, Mexico! In fact, public smooching in this city is now encouraged. The city's mayor, Eduardo Romero, has declared Guanajuato the kissing capital of the world to underscore a local legend and negate rumors of a kissing ban.

Last week, conservative authorities of this Mexican city were criticized for passing a new anti-obscenity law that would summon fines of up to $115 for "obscene acts" or "obscene language that offends or bothers third parties." If this seems a little broad, well, it is. Many interpreted the "obscene acts" clause as a ban on public displays of affection—from sex (we'll take it) to smooching (not okay!).

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How to Measure a Man's Finger for Ring Size

jalajakshi Jan 19, 2010

How to Measure a Man's Finger for Ring Size

Get Sized at a Jeweler
To ensure the most accurate ring size, visit your local jeweler for a professional sizing.

If You are Buying the Ring as a Surprise

  • Borrow one of your partner's rings and slide it down a tapered candle. Measure the circumference of the candle where the ring stops.
  • Use one of the charts below to determine the correct ring size.
  • Ask your partner's mother or a close friend if they know the ring size.

Tips for Measuring a Man's Ring Size

Wondefully described definitions

Sunny Jan 17, 2010

A pinch of tobacco rolled in paper with fire at one end and a fool at the other!

It's an agreement wherein a man loses his bachelor degree and a woman gains her master

An art of transmitting Information from the notes of the lecturer to the notes of students without passing through the minds of either

The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present


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Sunny Jan 13, 2010

Pongal is an ancient festival of people in South India particularly Tamils. The history of the festival can be traced back to the Sangam Age i.e. 200 B.C. To 300 A.D. Although, Pongal originated as a Dravidian Harvest festival and has a mention in Sanskrit Puranas, historians identify the festival with the Thai Un and Thai Niradal which are believed to have been celebrated during the Sangam Age.

Observance of Pongal During the Sangam Era (Thai Niradal)
The celebrations of Sangam Era led to today's Pongal celebrations. As part of the festivities, maidens of the Sangam era observed 'Pavai Nonbu' at the time of Thai Niradal which was a major festival during the reign of the Pallavas (4th to 8th Century AD).

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Facts about religions

pavan Dec 17, 2009

Facts about religions


One Christ, One Bible, One Religion…
You know the Latin Catholic will not enter Syrian Catholic Church.

These two will not enter Marthoma Church.
These three will not enter Pentecost Church.
These four will not enter Salvation Army Church.
These five will not enter Seventh Day Adventist Church.

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Shilpa Dec 17, 2009

Afzal Guru is a patriot
Bhagat Singh, sadhvi are terrorists

SIMI and Indian mujahideen are social service organization
RSS and VHP are terrorist organization

Godhra kanda is an accident
Gujarat riots are pre planned

5 muslims die in malegaon are important
1000 died in other blasts are crap

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Andhra History

Sunny Dec 10, 2009


Knowledge of the Andhra history has come through examination of the numerous evidences stating that Andhra Kingdom & Kalinga Kingdom exists; where Andhra kingdom covering Rayalaseema, Telangana and some parts of Costa and Kalinga kingdom covering from Godavari districts to Karagphur.

The Maurya Empire was a geographically extensive and powerful empire in ancient India, ruled by the Mauryan dynasty from 321 to 185 B.C.E. Originating from the kingdom of Magadha in the Indo-Gangetic plains (modern Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bengal) in the eastern side of the Indian subcontinent, the empire had its capital city at Pataliputra (modern Patna).

12-Step Internet Recovery Program:

Sunny Dec 4, 2009

1) I will have a cup of coffee in the morning and read my newspaper Like I used to, before the Internet.

2) I will eat breakfast with a knife and fork and not with one hand Typing.

3) I will get dressed before noon.

4) I will make an attempt to clean the house, wash clothes, and plan Dinner before even thinking of the Internet.

5) I will sit down and write a letter to those unfortunate few friends And family that are Internet-deprived.

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Gandhi's "Seven Blunders of the World" That Lead to Violence

Sunny Dec 1, 2009

Gandhi's "Seven Blunders of the World" That Lead to Violence

The Seven Blunders of the World is a list that Mahatma Gandhi gave to his grandson Arun Gandhi, written on a piece of paper, on their final day together, not too long before his assassination. In his final years, the elder Gandhi kept his grandson close at hand and set aside an hour every day to be alone with the boy.

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What to do when you are trapped in a lift??

Sunny Nov 27, 2009

What to do when you are trapped in a lift??

We never know when and where accidents will happen to us OR people around us. Read on and hope this piece of information may help any of us when things do happen to ourself, our friends and our loved ones. One day, while in a lift, it suddenly broke down and it was falling from level 13 at a fast speed. Fortunately, I remembered watching a TV program that taught you must quickly press all the buttons for all the levels. Finally, the lift stopped at the 5th level.

When you are facing life and death situations, whatever decisions or actions you make decides your survival. If you are caught in a lift breakdown, first thought in mind may be 'waiting to die'... But after reading below, things will definitely be different the next time you are caught in a lift.

Two-headed snake found in couple’s drawer

Sunny Nov 12, 2009

Two-headed snake found in couple’s drawer .

A two-headed snake has been discovered in a drawer full of rubbish in Illinois. When Jerry Williamson’s wife first told him she had found the scary reptile he thought she was pulling his leg. But to his surprise she was telling the truth.

Unfazed by the terrifying stigma attached to the two-headed Hydra of Greek mythology the couple decided to keep the reptile. They were worried it would not be able to survive on its own. They say it is a North American water snake and has just shed its skin. The ‘Nerodia sipedon’, as it is also known, is a large non-venemous snake active during day and night.

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Our Indians' Money - 70, 00,000 Crores Rupees In Swiss Bank

Sunny Sep 11, 2009

Our Indians' Money - 70, 00,000 Crores Rupees In Swiss Bank

1) Yes, 70 lakhs crores rupees of India are lying in Switzerland banks. This is the highest amount lying outside any country, from amongst 180 countries of the world, as if India is the champion of Black Money.

2) German Government has officially written to Indian Government that they (German Government) are willing to inform the details of holders of 70 lakh crore rupees in their Banks, if Indian Government officially asks them.

3) On 22-5-08, this news has already been published in The Times of India and other Newspapers based on German Government's official letter to Indian Government.

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The Secret "They" Don't Want You to Know

The "insider" secret i'm going to share with you that i learned from my wealthy mentors was how anyone can use the miracle of leverage to control as much as one hundred times more assets than their principal.

Did you know that there's a castle where there's a 9 ton gate that can be opened by a child using one finger?

This castle is real. It's called coral castle and it's located in florida.

5', 100 lb. Man carves 1100 tons of coral rock

Is Salt the Culprit When It Comes to High Blood Pressure?

Is Salt the Culprit When It Comes to High Blood Pressure?

My grandfather once told me he saw a chef shoot a man for salting his food before tasting it. That's not something I worry about nowadays. But I do get shouted at. K doesn't like me salting my food. Before or after I taste it. She says I should be concerned about my blood pressure. I say my blood pressure is fine.

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