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SC Modifies The Earlier Directions Issued To Prevent Misuse Of 498A IPC, Says No To Welfare Committees

Sunny Sep 15, 2018

Supreme Court of India has modified its directions issued in Rajesh Sharma case for preventing misuse of Section 498A of Indian Penal Code.

A three judges’ bench led by CJI has withdrawn the earlier direction issued by a two judges bench that complaints under Section 498A IPC should be scrutinised by Family Welfare Committees before further legal action by police.

Though the bench acknowledged that there was misuse of the provision leading to social unrest, it said that Court cannot fill in legislative gaps.

The Court observed that there were inbuilt mechanisms in criminal procedure to check misuse of provisions.

“We have protected pre-arrest or ...

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The Economics of Hiring the Services of a Professional Mover

Johnyinfo11 Sep 24, 2015

movers and packers bangalore    Moving can be an expensive undertaking. In fact, it can become a major cost consideration in cases where high value items get damaged during the move. When relocating to your new home, the cost of the service of a professional mover should not be the primary consideration. You must not have that tunnel vision when deciding on how you are going to manage the move. You must include in the equation the potential losses that you might incur in the event that you botch up the relocation to your new home.

Download Cortana App for Android

dewi download Sep 15, 2015

Download Cortana App for Android
Do you have Cortana? Have Cortana is like you have a personal assistant. But Cortana is digital one. Cortana is developed by Microsoft, the world's software giant. For now there are only Cortana for Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.
But Microsoft is planning to create  for other OS, including Android. In the near future maybe this autumn, Microsoft will launch its official Cortana for Android app. If you want to use Cortana right now, you can try Cortana for ...

Rejoinder to article published in 'the Hindu'

vipul raj May 20, 2015

Mr. Nissim Mannathukkaran

This has reference to your article in The Hindu Newspaper, dated 26.04.2015 (the parochial Indian). I would like to bring certain facts to your notice. You have observed that ‘India is a product of colonialism and never existed as a Nation earlier'.

For your information:-

  • Bharat i.e. India is not just an ancient Nation but also the oldest civilization.
  • Hindu religion is not based on any caste as mentioned by you; it is based on Vedas (no castes existed then)
  • You have wondered what kind of a nation is India where communities do not find it fit to mingle with each other in society. My reply is ...

How to Benefit from Increasing use of Search

aryadeo Jan 28, 2014

Worldwide the use of search is increasing. People trust the internet to solve their problems. But, how can you benefit from this phenomenon?

  • More users- Increase in the search means there is increase in the number of users. All these new users are your potential clients. Everyday their number is increasing and so are the possibilities for you.
  • Spread the word- These increasing searches are very speedy means of reaching people. With these searches you can spread yourself as far as you want! So now you can go viral the way you want. Good SEO services company like AiDASiNC, design relevant and engaging online marketing campaigns to ...

Stainless Steel Appliances and Utensils Making the Kitchen More Vibrant

Prav Garg Dec 5, 2012

The refrigerators that we are using today are one of the most helpful appliances in our house. Refrigerator is used to store the food that we have so that it will not spoil. With the developing technology, we have much change in our refrigerator freezers too. The freezers are used to preserve the meat that we bought from the grocery and it is also the place where we keep our ice creams, milk, sodas and other food that we want to eat and drink on very hot weathers. Stainless steel refrigerator freezer which is the idea of our modern technology helps to keep our food ...

Happy ThanksGiving

Sunny Nov 22, 2012

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Illegal File-sharer Gets Slapped With $1.5 Million In Damages

vikas gupta Nov 19, 2012

In the largest BitTorrent damages award ever, a judge orders Kywan Fisher to pay an exorbitant amount of money for sharing 10 movies on the file-sharing site.

The damages award against illegal file-sharer Kywan Fisher will most likely send him to the poor house. Illinois federal court Judge John Lee ordered Fisher to fork out $1.5 million to adult entertainment company Flava Works this week, according to TorrentFreak.

Flava Works sued Fisher for sharing 10 movies he'd previously paid for via BitTorrent. The damages award amount was reached by fining Fisher $150,000 per movie. This is the largest damages award ever ordered in a BitTorrent ...

Happy Halloween's Day!

Sunny Oct 31, 2012

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Hyderabad - India's Genome Valley

Sneha Aug 29, 2012

Hyderabad city is packed with numerous options for not only sightseeing but accommodation as well. Most of the Hyderabad hotels excel in the culinary art and are worth visiting as many times as you wish. The Hyderabadi Biryani, truly sumptuous, is the main special food item at most of the hotels here.

If you visit Hyderabad then you cannot miss out on this food specialty. Besides the local cuisine, tourists can relish international cuisine at many of the dining avenues. Most of the hotels are located strategically in close proximity to the diplomatic and commercial districts of Hyderabad. On the Hyderabad map you are ...

Radio Dental

Shilpa Jun 4, 2012

Radio dental: New MP3 'teeth jewellery' plays music directly through your skull

 a.. Sound is transmitted via 'bone conduction' directly through the skull
 b.. The MP3 player can be controlled using wearer's tongue
 c.. Modelled after the mouth jewellery worn by rappers

They are the gaudy fashion statement beloved of hip hop stars and rappers.

But now it seems that grillz - teeth jewellery sported by rappers such as Nelly -  are not just about the way you look - you can use them to listen to music too.

A design student has created a way of using the bling mouthpiece to hear songs via 'bone conduction' through your skull.

Aisen Chacin, ...

From Hindu temple to Hollywood hairdo

vikas gupta Jun 1, 2012

From Hindu temple to Hollywood hairdo: How thousands of Indian women have their heads shaved to please the gods... only for the hair to end up as £3,000 extensions

The heat is damp and stifling, the sound that fills the air at once distinctive and surreal. Hundreds of cut-throat razors are at work, scraping rapidly, in a hall packed with girls and women, like so many sheep at a shearing.
Thick, dark clumps of hair flop down into baskets at their side until, just seconds later, the former owners look round, blinking and completely bald.

This is the Hindu temple of Tirumala Venkateswara on the coastal state of ...

Cleaning Service Franchises is a Smart Investment Business Opportunity

Prav Garg May 27, 2012

Investing in a cleaning service franchise would be smart investing in today’s date. It is one of the affordable business opportunities with less of capital and business risks. Today, there would be hardly a place where there is cleaning services not required. With our lifestyle getting hectic day by day, we get less of time to concentrate on the cleaning job.

With the recent survey, the demand for janitorial services and commercial/domestic cleaning services has increased about 15% in the past 3 years. This proves that it will wise investing opportunity and the market is stable, since each one will be requiring cleaning services and ...

Hindus are born sinners everywhere​!!!

vikas gupta May 6, 2012

On March 26, 19-year-old Rinkle Kumari, from a village in Sindh, told Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry that she had been abducted by a man called Naveed Shah, and pleaded with the highest court to let her return to her mother. It was a brave plea. Hindu women in Pakistan are routinely kidnapped and then forced to convert if they want the respectability of marriage. They are helpless, as they have neither the numbers nor the political clout to protect themselves. As Rinkle left the court, she screamed before journalists, accusing her captors of forcible conversion, before she was hustled away by the ...

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For Girls

Ragini Khanna May 6, 2012


If u have curves, u r fat
If u don’t, then u r flat...

If u wear make-up, u r fake
If u don’t, u r behenji...

If u dress up u r show off,
If u don’t bother, u r a villager...

If u say what u think, u r rude
If u say nothing, u have attitude problem...

If u cry sometimes, u r a Drama Queen
If u don’t, u r emotionless...

If u have many guy friends, u r cheap
If u don’t, u r narrow minded...

If u stand-up for urself, u r disrespectful
It’s like you can’t do anything these days without being labeled...

so why bother!?!?!?!?!

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