Do Not Burn Kurkure

Jen Pure Apr 8, 2009

Most of us must be aware of the rumor about Kurkure. The rumor was being spread around by people even without realizing that the news is baseless.

In reality, there is no plastic in Kurkure. Kurkure is made of edible ingredients which have the best nutritional value including rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, salt, etc that we use in our daily kitchen. When you burn Kurkure it is the ingredients present in Kurkure including carbohydrates that gives a plastic-like feeling but in reality there is no plastic burning. Kurkure is made from best-quality ingredients and is untouched by human hands during the production process. The main ingredients in Kurkure include rice meal, corn meal, and gram meal.

So do not burn Kurkure, but instead enjoy eating the different flavours of Kurkure that are readily available in the market.

Check out this video and see for yourself that Kurkure does not contain plastic.

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  1. Guest Jun 3, 2009

    The recent Kurkure plastic rumor is baseless. Even I don't agree with that rumor. I know that Kurkure contains no plastic. Have been eating Kurkure for years now and I am still hail and hearty.

  2. Guest Jun 4, 2009

    Kurkure is manufactured by the Fritolay Division of the Pepsi Co. Kurkure is a very well-known brand available in the market. A company like Kurkure cannot risk the lives of its consumers by doing such a mistake. This Kurkure plastic rumor is an imaginary creation of some miscreant.

  3. Andrea Hamilton Jun 8, 2009

    Hey Everybody,

    Yesterday, I ate Kurkure Desi Beats - Tangy Lime flavour. It was just awesome. The taste is so unique as every bite of Kurkure makes you feel you are having some Indian pickle that is very delicious. If anyone believes in the Kurkure rumor and says dont eat Kurkure, then he is so wrong. I tasted Kurkure and I can say for sure that there is no plastic in Kurkure. So people dont say dont eat Kurkure. But eat Kurkure and enjoy your packet full of Kurkure.

  4. Guest Jun 9, 2009

    Kurkure is a safe snack and Kurkure is not bad for health. The recent Kurkure plastic rumor cannot be true. I loved the recent Kurkure Desi Beats flavor a lot.

  5. Edward Clinton Jun 18, 2009

    Kurkure is a snack manufactured with edible ingredients including rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, salt, spices, edible oils, etc. All these ingredients are very common in the Indian kitchen. When edible ingredients are used in the manufacture of Kurkure then how is it possible that there is presence of plastic in Kurkure. The Kurkure plastic rumor is just baseless. Kurkure is not dangerous to health as there is no plastic in Kurkure but only edible ingredients.

  6. Guest Jun 25, 2009

    Kurkure is one of my favorite evening snack. Lately, heard about this rumor that Kurkure contains plastic. This news can be nothing less than a result of someone's weird imagination. Rumors spread spread easily but nobody cares to think whether the rumor is true or no before spreading it. I checked the official site of Kurkure and found that this Kurkure plastic thing is actually a baseless rumor. There is no plastic in Kurkure. I also checked the video URL provided by the author here. The video is a news excerpt featuring the Managing Director of the FritoLay Division. He has clearly said in the video that utmost care is taken during the Kurkure manufacture process. Kurkure is also made from edible ingredients that we use in our daily kitchen, then how is it possible for Kurkure to contain plastic. All Kurkure plastic rumor believers, think about it?

  7. Harry Robinson Jul 10, 2009

    Kurkure is an absolutely safe snack for consumption. The recent allegations on Kurkure are totally baseless. There is no plastic in Kurkure. I checked out the official Kurkure website, they have mentioned the same thing there that there is no plastic in Kurkure and also that the Kurkure allegations are totally baseless.

  8. Guest Aug 3, 2009

    This rumour about Kurkure containing is totally baseless. As per the Kurkure rumor, when you burn Kurkure it melts. Kurkure melts because there is plastic in Kurkure. In reality, there is no plastic in Kurkure. Kurkure is a completely safe snack for consumption as it is made from edible ingredients including rice, corn salt, spices, etc. that we Indians use daily in our household kitchen.

    Do not believe in any false rumors. Enjoy eating Kurkure without any fear as there is no plastic in Kurkure.

  9. Guest Aug 13, 2009

    I heard about the Kurkure plastic rumour. I believe it is a rumour and nothing more than that. I have tasted Kurkure and found nothing suspicious about the taste. So the rumour about the presence of plastic in Kurkure is nothing but a rumour spread by some miscreant to spoil the reputation of a well-known brand.

  10. Guest Aug 18, 2009


    Complaint Subject : Illegal Packed Adulterated Children's Packed Food Products (Puffs,Kurkure,Wafers,...etc) nexus.All Illegal And Hawala Transactions Taking Place ,No paper work , billing, cash memo,taxes paid etc by illegal adulterated children food product fake company

    Concerned Persons Operating This Nexus: Mr. Rajesh Agarwal and associates.

    Place Of Operation Location :

    Mr. Rajesh Agarwal,

    127/784/16 W-1 SAKET NAGAR,



    pin 208014

    There is an illegal food processing factory operating with full flow at the given address .This factory produces duplicate kurure , puffs and wafers eaten mainly by kids and youngsters .These produced materials are packed in packets with brand names Kurkure,Kurkuree,Kurre King ,Kurrum Kurrum ,Oyas ,Chow-Chow, Dhara , Chaachak, KurreKurre etc(names may be in hindi fonts on the packets) . If these products are bought by a consumer, it will be found that these packed food products will not have any Batch No:, Manufacturing Date:, Place of manufacturing etc printed on it .

    Various names such as R J Food Products , S K Food Products ,Dhara etc as fake and duplicate names will be just printed to befool customers , these names belong to some bigger brands having Kurre Kurre for kurkure ,Oyas for Oyes and similarly other names,bikno for bikano . Since the place of manufacturing is not revealed from packet, even though these packets may had come in the sight of food control bodies but they might had not found the place where manufactured, thus not able to take any action. That is why this factory is running swiftly from last 7-8 years.

    There is no paper work , billing, cash memo etc done at the production sight as all is fake .Thus they pay no sales tax ,vat ,income tax etc. Crores of Rs are being made by this illegal company and

    no calculation of any money. They have made crorers with this illegal factory . The Owner Mr. Rajesh Gupta also works as a real estate player from 4-5 yrs back and has strong connections with land mafias .He has also captured the the kda park worth 30-50 cr in front of the factory.A Lot of money is being transfered through hawala and without any documentation to big fishes and all the corupt officials involved .He is also planning to get his factory business a registration so that all his illegal activities are hidden.

    These products costs are kept very low , for the very reason that they can be easily sold to middle class, poor and those living in slums . That is why these products are mainly distributed for selling in pan shops and low grade general stores etc all around slum areas, weaker section's and lower middle class people colonies and residential areas , of kanpur city and kanpur dehat region and many other villages and towns of Uttar Pradesh , Bihar, Delhi ,M.P ,Haryana ,Punjab, Rajasthan,West Bengal , Uttarakhand ,Orissa and some North Eastern States .Shopkeepers hang these packets in the bikano , kurkure , lehar etc display board hangers so that it seems that these products belong to these high quality brands .In some places we found shopkeepers do not display these duplicate packets publicily but keep them in separate plastic packets and only display them when small children come to there shop. These people are paying high margin and separate commission to shopkeepers for doing so.

    It is also written on packets that several high quality ingredient such as corn ,names of several proteins (for ex fake golee-golee protein name mentioned on the chowmin packet chowchow), pulses ,spices etc are used as raw materials .But in actuality a lot number of duplicate and highly inferior quality raw materials including banned contigenous , toxic chemicals , adulterated besan , rawa , rice puff , maida ,adulterated Khesari pulse(which causes leprosy ),hazardous and banned synthetic colours , duplicate and old edible oil , metanil yellow dye, tcp and adulterated rancid oil etc are used . They even use earthy materials such as brick powder ,sand, stones, chalkpowder , dirt .Powdered bran ,saw dust and dung powder is also used by them. Non-food grade and contaminated packaging and non-permitted food colour beyond safe limit is used .There products are also contaminated by rat poisons and pesticide residues which they use for killing rats and insects in this filthy factory .Due to this factory thousands of rats have come up in the locality and snakes in rainy seasons also come after the rats to eat them .These rats are in so excess that at a time one can see a number of them in a room and preventing them from eating the cooked food becomes a miserable task .Several diseases are also coming up here due to these rats. They don't use any food preservatives also.

    Such drastic poisonous adulteration of these eatable products causes acute damage of digestive tract , liver and kidney ,chronic poisoning with damage to nerves and vital organs like heart and brain . All these may lead to instant or slow death in some time may be few days or weeks. And children's body is more feeble to such type of poisoning . In totality the are killing poor people by this bogus illegal poisonous factory production . They also keep on changing there adulteration methods cleverly .A question comes to one’s mind why they are using adulterated edible oil , it will cause them to use more oil but these people just want to create some substance that looks like puff ,kurkure and has weight and fills up the packet though it may be poisonous kuda karkat. If one just opens their packet and gives a harsh look and deep breath on these fake kurkure will tell it is ultimately third class adulterated product and worth no more than waste. They also heavly use salt and coluring in their products to divert the attention of the customer . They have killed all the legalities by corruption and not even refrained from using the worst of the worst poisonous adulteration to make there products almost for free of cost to them.The waste materials produced are even so toxic that when stray animals consume them they get deadly death.

    We have given one of their sample for basic food testing in a private lab and a lot of serious poisonous adulteration is confirmed. Their other products basic and advanced testing we had not send for testing till yet . One lab report is with us and we are not sending it by post due to risk of locality peoples lives involved in it.

    We have also found out that various children from slums suffered from diarrhea, increased salivation, acute gastritis , constipation ,vomiting , irritation of the gastro-intestinal tracts ,profuse watery stools nose bleeding ,throat infection fever etc and a few instances of deaths of children also occured but could not be proved as deaths happened in children who oftenly consumed these products but no pointers could have gone to them as children ate a lot other things also and poor people whose children died thought this may be natural death (though they have known also , they could not have gone through any proceedings of the postmortem and case etc ).These people are rapidly increasing and spreading there hands in towns and villages of U.P, Bihar, Delhi ,M.P ,Haryana ,Punjab, Rajasthan,West Bengal , Uttarakhand ,Orissa and some North Eastern States .These people have a strong distribution network .They themselves own commercial vehicles which remain parked here. They operate as hardcore mafias threatening people and they have a nexus of people and fake manufacturers with them who supply duplictate besan , fake edible oil, animal stray mixed spices , toxic chemical blended flavours ,market ,distribute and stock these products .Duplicate and non food grade packaging is also supplied by some of their such associates .

    Other Details

    The factory is run 24hrs on stolen electricity .They stole daily around 50 thousand and more units of electricity. The factory operation's chief Rajesh Gupta prior to this used to run an illegal eatable oil factory here on stolen electricity. He was once caught by electricity department and a fine of some 5-6 lacs was imposed against him. For some time he stopped that factory and started this totaly fake adulterated packaged snacks food factory. There were two peoples in Dainik Jagran newspaper for highest amount of stolen electricity in Kanpur city and dehat region at that time and he was the one amongst the two. He then with the cooperation of corrupt electricity officials got his legal and illegal electricity connections joined and from last 7-8 years he has been running this poisonous illegal venture. Due to the high load used by their factory , the high tension line sparks and breaks frequently and high voltage line falls from poles to ground almost regularly. Once a labour died by catching electric shock due to it but they settled the matter by paying off and threatening his family ,they said it is electricity department fault ,but why then they paid his family .Several other stray animals cows and dogs have also died with such shocks and many more human and animals will also die if they are not stopped and high tension wires keep breaking .One can easily know their deeds from the number of joints in the high tension line which they keep on getting fixed privately ,though fiddling with Kesco high tension line is illegal. They have also till now not allowed the new type of high tension wiring currently being laid out by Kesco in this lane by bribing the officials.

    Several times they also put lock on main doors and go from shutter inside and lock it from inside, so that it seems no one is there , to prevent checkup of electricity etc on any news to them , they have there men everywhere ,even in government departments . Mr. Rajesh also on occasions brings forward his wife and children forward claiming he is outside the city and his mother not well, when occasionally some kind of check ever happens. Though the truth is his wife and mother are completley involve in this illegal activity and they regularly inspect and guide the workers when he is out .He , his wife and relatives also say to neighbours that he will frame them in various police cases like murder,kidnapping ,dacoity etc and also on ocasion have put claims on various persons that ki those people have given them jaan se marne ki dhamki,threatened kidnapping their children and locality people are jealous of their riches etc .These female dare not stop from shouting vigorous abuses on workers and locality people.

    These women are a shame for the female gender, instead of stopping him and his associates they are themselve involved throughout to the neck.Mr. Rajesh's other relatives are also into it .Some times when they are at the height of adulteration , they so cleverly place their commercial loader vehicles completely covering their shutters and doors so that inside view is not visible from outside.

    They and their gunda associates also keep shouting amongst them that " Koi bola to jaan se jaayega...."People generally come out of there houses in this locality only when necessary .The factory compound is on the ground floor and divided into compartments , doors and shutters are cleverly used so that machines installed are not visible easily from outside .The factory building is not having legal KDA(Local housing Body) design and has been corruptly made by bribing KDA officials .Building balconies stretches a lot towards footpath in order to cover the ground floors and factory shutters too much. and make them not properly visible from far sight .Inside the factory also the wiring is not properly done and in rainy seasons current comes into neighbours houses, and their workers also very often get shocks due to improper wiring but these cruel people don't care.

    For running their machines people are from their internal network and the rest they take from outside and mainly those who are very poor and suppressed so that they can be utilized as they desire without uttering a word .They also keep on rotating some people who work there. Child labours work here but sometimes they remove them .They have blocked the lane road from one side so that police jeep and electricity supply board jeep never passes lane .They have also pressurized neighbors for doing so and by saying that this will pervent theft from slum area people living nearby. In this decent locality they shout abuses so much that ladies living in the neighborhood have stopped coming out of their houses .They have also kept some Gunda workers with them who eye nearby girls and call slum side girls to the factory and do all type of private (asleel ) activities in nearby locations and in front of the factory . They give protection and power to these gundas so that every one remains in threat and they easily run this illegal factory. Kids have stopped playing outside the houses as parents don't allow them due to fear of these kurkure mafias and also due to the reason whole road remains blocked by their commercial vehicles.

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    No one dares speak against puff mafias as family people live in this locality .Actually some of the neighbours contacted this anti pollution ngo for pollution issue as air pollution issue was intolerable and when we investigated the matter from our end and , by all the details the locality people there gave, we found out that this is not just a pollution issue but in total a large scale food processing entity producing poisonous and illegal puffs ,wafers etc for weaker sections of the economy. As we found out these products are heavly consumed by children of poor people as kurkure , lehar brand etc by the economicaly ok people.

    We also doubt that some other illegal factories of this type may also be operating but we did not investigated further as this seemed a big nexus and needed some higher authority to look in.

    The persons behind all this is the landlord Mr Rajesh Gupta and all his associates . Mr. Rajesh Gupta also spreads this rumour that he has rented his factory to someone. But the question is how come somebody allow his place where he is living to be used by such a polluted illegal poisonous factory ,he is a hardcore liar to say so that he has rented his place or factory .Actually he has kept a minority partner who is a complete third class gunda who also manages this illegal factory .This fellow had made crores from this factory and lives somewhere in the south Kanpur city .He comes in day time on a black kinetic scooter and at night time on luxurious four wheeler with many different persons to inspect the factory. He all the times keeps on shouting abuses and talks very loudly on phone and also beats his workers and on many occasions he has beaten child workers also.

    These people may also be holding illegal arms and ammunition( katta etc).
    They also park vehicles in front of peoples houses and if any complains they
    shout abuses.

    They also use physically disabled tricycle panmasala sellers to sell their packets
    They also work very cleverly for ex: For stealing electricity they have kept the legal line through meter, but used another line from other lane, where electricity from other power station comes, and kept it unmetered illegaly ,and use this only . Though legally they cannot take this line even they put a meter to it .They keep on rotating general workers and and also vary the adulterating agents

    The Drastic Air Pollution situation due to this factory:

    No consent or permit of the pollution department for air, water ,noise and environmental pollution has been ever taken .The air pollution situation here is life threatening .One cannot eat , sleep , talk ,think or perform any daily life chores in this highly suffocating lungs choking environment. Neither can one stay inside the room nor come outside and nor can open doors and windows .Something needs to be done soon as many will die by lung infection suffocation , asthma , and by various lung infecting diseases such as chronic pulmonary diseases (copd) etc ..Many who are already having diabetic ,B.P ,Heart Problems and are old age are the worst victims of such cruel unauthorized severe air pollution.

    A lot number of duplicate and highly inferior quality raw material including contigenous and toxic chemicals are used for production and hence lungs choking smell is produced day and night. All surrounding air gets severely clogged making breathing impossible for those living in the locality .Air pollution due to it is so high that it produces severe headache ,itching ,eye watering ,hardness of hairs , drieness of skin ,throat infection and nausea etc .Also a tremendous amount of heat is produced and the atmosphere remains heated up at all times .On few particular days of every week some hazardous raw materials are also burnt to produce smell of burning charcol with rotten corn .In summers the pollution situation becomes alarmingly high causing serious risks to life.

    Situation is so grim that many people have felt deep suffocation and everyone here restricts to open doors and windows for that highly toxic air will come in .Even in early morning the air pollution remains like this ,due to 24 hours running of machines .This factory is also run on a generator which is placed outside the gate .No permissions of the authorities have been taken for it. The workers here in the factory are also facing severe health problems but not leave their job as handsomely paid .We ourselves have several times felt severly suffocated and left gasping for air when passing by from there .

    One of the locality members qoutes on the pollution situation killing him and his family" Usse Badnaseeb Kaun Hoga Jo Apne Ghar Ki Khidki Darwaje Bhi Na Khol Paaye Aur Bo Whi Aise Narsanhar Karne Walo Ke Kaaran"


    There is also some type of illegal paper and files manufacturing going on here .Gum used in this paper production is prepared outside the factory gate by buring and mixing lot of chemicals in big utensils .The fire for heating utensils is produced by burning waste plastic ,cardboard and paper. Sometimes this preparation of gum by burning fire is done inside the factory thus filling whole surrounding with dirty smell and smoke

    We have written to U.P Pollution Control Department Lucknow regarding the pollution control and to KESCO(The Local electricity Body) for electricity stealing but till now no steps have been taken by them.

    Still several questions remain unanswered whether they are having other many more fake manufacturing units like this. Whether the produced poisonous material directly goes to shops or some other place for further distribution and who all are involved in the marketing of the products .We were not able to find many fake brands produced here in shops though after manufacturing these products were taken from here on commercial loaders , may be that these poisonous ones are distributed just to remote villages .Where the crores of rupees made from this factory are going .Does the money is being further used for more illegal activities. Who are the government officials of various departments and other big fishes involved in this illegal operations. We have left these questions for the police to trace out as we don't have the authority and right to do so.

    "These killers of innocent children should be brought to justice.

    Even hanging them to death on the road crossing will not be enough for them

    and No Mighty Power will ever forgive them . Hell is also not enough for these

    hardcore murderers." an old lady here was weeping when saying so as her husband was threatend to be killed by these people .

    "Khud ke baccho ke liye duniya ki khusiyan aur gareebon ke baccho ke liye maut

    In maut ke saudagaro ko inke hashr par pahonchana padgea." people here say so

    but silently only.

    Please check out and take appropriate action .

    Please save the poor kids from dying by consuming these products.

    Prevent innocent children from being poisoned by these sick heart people.

    We are risking lives of neighbours of that area and our mebers in exposing them , Please take their care.

    Please Pass This Information To Other Various Departments Like Food Control ,Pollution Control ,UP Power Corporation so that stern action be taken against them.


    Yours Faithfully.


    If anything important regarding this comes to our knowledge we will inform back.

    We Pray All Mighty In Their Next Life Never Make Them Living Beings So That They Never Ever Can Breath The Heavenly Air They Are Polluting.


  11. Guest Aug 18, 2009

    Much information on Kurkure. Thanks.

  12. Guest Aug 22, 2009

    @ "I tasted Kurkure and I can say for sure that there is no plastic in Kurkure."
    I'm guessin u've consumed plastic before and kno for sure how it tastes?? lol..

    That aside, I just love Kurkure, especially the Green Rajastani Chilli and Chilly Chatka flavours.. n I don't think the Health control System would allow anything that contains plastic into the food market.. n ya, Fritolay's got a lot to loose more than anyone in case that happens.. like, for eg., if the rumour did proove to b true.., i wouldn't n neither would I let people I kno buy anything that had the Fritolay brand name printed on it or had anything to do with the company... n i'm pretty sure i'm not the only person who thinks this way..

    (n sorry andrea, it'as just a joke..)

  13. Guest Aug 26, 2009

    Hey that is a very long post. Sad to know that there are people out there that manufacture illegal and adulterated Kurkure. I hope the manufacturers of actual Kurkure snack do something about it to save the reputation of their product and brand amidst the rumour that is already surrounding the snack.

  14. Guest Sep 13, 2009

    Kurkure is one of my favorite snack. My favorite Kurkure flavor is Kurkure Hyderabadi Hungama. I eat Kurkure very often and have never felt that there is any plastic in Kurkure. When you burn Kurkure, it burns because of corn starch content in it and the presence of 30% oil in it.

  15. Guest Dec 17, 2010

    When I feel hunger, I like take kurkure in spite of taking anything else. It is quite safe and have great taste and energy. My kid love to take it and always demand for it when I come from my office. Well If you are searching for electronic hardware like stakon products electronic hardware is great place.

  16. Guest Dec 17, 2010

    As I know kurkure is safe and healthy, I offer it to my small kid and when come from my job he ask for it.