Download Cortana App for Android

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Download Cortana App for Android
Do you have Cortana? Have Cortana is like you have a personal assistant. But Cortana is digital one. Cortana is developed by Microsoft, the world's software giant. For now there are only Cortana for Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.
But Microsoft is planning to create  for other OS, including Android. In the near future maybe this autumn, Microsoft will launch its official Cortana for Android app. If you want to use Cortana right now, you can try Cortana for Android beta version. This beta version APK has been leaked on Finnish website, SuomiMobiili. But Cortana for Android Beta only works on Android KitKat 4.4 and later, obviously it is a bad news. It makes Cortana for Android can be used only in newest Android devices.
This time we will review Cortana for Android Beta. We'll also explain how to use Cortana for Android and its features. Let's check it out.
* Steps to Use Cortana for Android Beta
Note: You must have a Microsoft account before start using Cortana for Android . If don't, make it first.
1. After installation finished, run Cortana and set up by writing your name or nickname and agree the terms and conditions.
2. Next, sign in to your Microsoft account and your Cortana will be full accessable.
* How is the Interface of Cortana for Android Beta
If you already use Cortana for Windows 10 before, it won't be difficult to use Cortana for Android. Because Cortana for Android's interface is really similar to Cortana for Windows 10. Cortana for Android's interface is simple with a dark theme and the white area for content.
* What Features is in Cortana for Android
Cortana for Android can do these things for you:
1. Send messages and emails to your contacts
2. Looking for direction and nearby places like restaurant, gas station, etc.
3. Create reminders and set events on calendar
4. Answer your questions
5. Tell you news, sports, and weather information
* Notebook on Cortana for Android
Notebook is a great feature of Cortana which each competitors, Android's Google Now and Apple's Siri doesn't have. You can adjust what informations that Cortana allowed to knows with Notebook , by adding or deleting informations about you and your life. You can adjust it manually, one by one. Although it may take such a long time to finish (there are many permissions Cortana requires), but it can keep your privacy safer.
Thank you for reading our article about Cortana for Android Beta. We hope this article helps you to understand more about Cortana for Android Beta. If you have any opinion, let us see by leaving a reply below.

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    Cortana is a very useful software for Android users like us. You just need to know how to install it properly and navigate its features to utilize its potential. You can do this by applying the following tips above and reading some useful reviews written by other users themselves. Reviews that can guide you in using Cortana App.