Rejoinder to article published in 'the Hindu'

vipul raj May 20, 2015

Mr. Nissim Mannathukkaran

This has reference to your article in The Hindu Newspaper, dated 26.04.2015 (the parochial Indian). I would like to bring certain facts to your notice. You have observed that ‘India is a product of colonialism and never existed as a Nation earlier'.

For your information:-

  • Bharat i.e. India is not just an ancient Nation but also the oldest civilization.
  • Hindu religion is not based on any caste as mentioned by you; it is based on Vedas (no castes existed then)
  • You have wondered what kind of a nation is India where communities do not find it fit to mingle with each other in society. My reply is despite diversity Hindu society is tolerant who know how to respect others; notwithstanding the fact that there are some superficial differences, which are negligible.
  • You asked ‘how can a people divided into thousands of castes be a nation'. My reply is, even if there be a million castes, still Hindus were a nation since time immemorial.
  • You mentioned ‘Ghar Wapsi’ and ‘Love Jihad’. My question is what is your objection to Ghar Wapsi and how do you defend Love Jihad? You must answer this.
  • You said sandalwood smugglers were landless labourers. Does it mean a landless labourer can commit any crime and get away with it?
  • In the last but two para you described Hindus as parochial, lack respect for other cultures etc. If that is a fact there would not be a single non-Hindu surviving in Bharat.
  • You also mentioned about ‘racism’ and ‘derision’ – this shows your utter lack of knowledge of Hindu culture and therefore, does not merit a reply.
  • Regarding retaining the word ‘secularism’ in our constitution; let me tell you if Hindu is not secular, no one in the creation is secular.
  • Lastly you quoted Ambedkar “there is no nation of Indians in the real sense of the world, it is yet to be created” – Yes; Agreed, there is no Indian nation. In fact I do not recognize a country ‘India’. I am a Bharatiya and my country and nation is Bharat.

Deriding Hindus has become a fad and an-order-of-the-day for many. Don’t join the band wagon; instead learn to respect your Motherland.

Even a dog does not bite the hand that feeds. Had the Hindus been the same as described by you, you would never dare to write such an article.

But you have selected a correct Newspaper (the Hindu) for your article. karadala raghavendra rao

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  1. Aamir Mirza Sep 19, 2015

    Soo interesting

  2. Danish Alam Jun 21, 2016

    Very Nice post.