All Network (MTN NG, ZAIN NG, Etisalat NG) Cheats for free browsing

Raji Ohi May 29, 2009

get virus free softwares and comprehensive instruction manual for free browsing on your phone and laptops for just N3000 for nigerian only.

well this service include supply of new cheats as they are generated, contact me on 07036823562 if your are interested

  • am in ghana and am using mtn can any one help me on how to use gprs for free here

  • Guest May 30, 2009

    Hi my guys,do you believe that you can be independent of all these people who roam the net collecting money from you anytime they discover a new cheat.To know the secret behind the codes,send ur request to [email protected] u will get a reply before the next 24hours.I don't charge much my highest fee is N400(if u want to learn)and lowest is N100(if u just want the cheat).There is also a software that can allow u to send free sms all around the globe,i'll give the name free of charge and tell you where to download it.There is also this software that can allow you to download free on your opera mini,it will serve as ur phones default browser so when you want to download instead of ur normal phone browser,it opens.Please don't ever believe any body who tells u about a cheat for making free calls,it is not possible for now.I won't be coming to this site again so if u want to reach me u send me a mail([email protected])

  • Guest Jun 3, 2009

    Hello every body i am a web research and basical on what can make you enjoy your mobile device.

    Here are all what i offer and am very sure i can help you with all the following below:

    -i offer the current free browsing code for any network such as zain free browsing settings and

    mtn Codes also glo

    --A DSTV software which i send to mobile phone to enable you watch the dstv on your mobile

    24hours without having any cos of subscripion,all stations are free and you can also connect it

    to your pc or laptop to watch in more advance way{works on phones that place video well and has

    an application list in the menu}

    Here is an example of the one that works with gprs and you watch it free on your phone:
    on your mobile enter this link
    But the software i offer does work with gprs non sim network,it works with phone network to

    enable you watch it on your phone at anytime free of chager with any cost of gprs,service

    provider non subsription for the stations it is totally the best

    -I also build sites for people that will like to make money with the site it consist of your name

    or which ever way you want it e.g etc.

    --lastly there is a site i sell for just 500.with that site you can always get the current free

    browsing settings anytime you like and also get the best sites so far.




  • Guest Jun 12, 2009

    All i just need is the latest zain and mtn browsing codes. Pls my number is 08038174216, my e-mail: [email protected]

  • Guest Jun 13, 2009

    hello, i am here to give free browsing to people who need it, and i think it is the poor that nned it. just kindly mail me here [email protected]. ask anything you want. you will get a reply in the next 6 hours, byeeee. BROWSE FREE it is reliable

  • Guest Jun 13, 2009

    pls ineed the latest codes[freebrowsing]zain pls send 2 08024949606 thanks

  • Guest Jun 14, 2009

    I learnt there is a code that allow u make free calls ur mobile phone.pls any one wit d code shuld b of no is 08063557804, email:[email protected]

  • Guest Jun 16, 2009

    Oh boy we hv seen ur post but tanx!

  • Guest Jun 17, 2009

    dnt let anybody rob u off ur hard earned money or charge u for wat he got free.
    try joinin this group on facebook (allnaijanetwork4freebrowsin) and u wil get load and loads of free cheat for any phone such as jar,jad,symbian,blackberry and much more........

  • Guest Jun 19, 2009

    its really cool to see people wanting to browsefor free but i think is becausewe havent gooteen theright things it takes well lets see if i can help ypour situation.What do you really need just PM ME on 08080752829. Ihave it all

  • Guest Jun 19, 2009

    please i use a nokia 6600 fone and i need the free browsing cheat for zain

  • Guest Jun 21, 2009

    Hav just gotten the latest mtn cheats, working on all phones including few china phones. Its fast, free download, uses both opera mini and web browsers.
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  • Guest Jun 21, 2009

    browse free and be free with browsing any day any time on your pc/laptop. what more do folks want

  • Guest Jun 21, 2009

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  • Guest Jun 22, 2009

    hi pls i need some cheat chodes 4 free browsing u can call me on 08084333273

  • Guest Jun 22, 2009

    hi pls i need some cheat chodes 4 free browsing u can call me on 08084333273

  • Guest Jun 22, 2009

    Please i need an information on how to set my mobile browser Nokia 6111.Any time i want to browse it tells me that i should subscribe to my servise probider. my number is 08087034126/08065940871. Thanks

  • Guest Jun 23, 2009

    pls anyone with the latest mtn cheat code should try forward it to me on [email protected]

  • Guest Jun 24, 2009

    You guys in here are too money cautious. . Thieves i call you all this site should be closed for harbouring criminals like you

  • Guest Jun 26, 2009

    Do u need mtn free browsing or zain free me on 08032802872 to collect it 4 free.

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