Medical Billing Specialist for Medicare and Medical Billing

Seo Nov 11, 2011

Medical billing is not a new term for those people who are undergoing medical treatment and are applying for a medical insurance. In this process, a specialist related to medical billing, claims the health insurance from a company on behalf of the patient. This insurance denotes the proper payment of the health services provided by the health care providers. This billing process involves the unpaid claims and also other disputes related to the health insurance.The medical insurance to be billed requires few factors regarding the health of the patient to be considered.

There are many codes for billing a medical service. These codes vary depending on the diagnosis and procedure of treatment. Sometimes, it takes more than one or two months to assess the treatment expenditures and formulate a billing procedure. The above procedure of insurance assessment is followed by both government and private operated insurance companies.

Before the advent of technology, the claims for insurance were filed through papers but now, electronically the insurance claims are done. Instead of sending a form for claim, billing specialists use internet or online facilities to quicken the process of claiming. Usually, before a patient undergoes a particular medical treatment, the insurance company goes through many facts and eligibility conditions. Only if the patient satisfies all the criteria, he becomes eligible for the insurance billing and claim.The claim is submitted followed by further processing, reviewing and checking. The concerned patient or the party is informed about the same. A receipt is made for the same.

After checking all possible conditions, the company informs whether the claim can be paid or not. If the claim cannot be paid, it gives a relevant explanation for the same. Based on the conditions of rejection, the medical billing specialist takes necessary steps for re-correction and resubmitting the claims.This electronically operated procedure for insurance claiming has made the procedure simpler and faster than the manual procedure employed previously.

To get the claims paid faster. The electronic processing of insurance claims is faster than the previous year manual methods of processing. The insurance plans are many in number.

A single insurance company may offer as many as 10 different plans at a time. One must know all possible rules before claiming insurance.

Medical Billing Specialist for Medicare Billing and Medical Billing.

  • Steve Brad Mar 23, 2012

    As I have know Medical billing & coding is the process of submitting and following up on claims to insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered by a healthcare provider. The same process is used for most insurance companies, whether they are private companies or government-owned. Medical billers are encouraged, but not required by law to become certified by taking an exam such as the CMRS Exam, RHIA Exam and others. Certification schools are intended to provide a theoretical grounding for students entering the medical billing field.