10 Memory Loss Remedies For Effective And Permanent Cure
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Memory is a vital part of our existence, and loss of memory may be a sign of serious illness of brain. Memory loss puts one's identity at stake, and may occur due to several reasons. It may be defined as the brain's ability to retain and recognize past facts and events and cognitive reconstruction of events by the brain. It may be categorized in to short term and long term memory. Short term memory is concerned with recalling recent events and long term memory is concerned with remembering distant past.

Memory disorders like Alzheimer's disease destroy the memory controlling brain structures. This may lead to loss of short term memory while the long term memory may remain intact. In certain cases, memory may get shuffled or jumbled. Explicit and implicit memory is another type of classification. Explicit consists in conscious recollection of past facts and implicit is devoid of conscious recollection. Generally with age, explicit memory declines.

Memory loss or forgetfulness may be termed as amnesia. It may be partial or total, permanent or temporary. Amnesia may be of three types: transient global amnesia is total but temporary loss of all memory, anterograde amnesia is the failure to recall recent events and it occurs as an aftermath of trauma, retrograde amnesia consists in loss of the memory preceding a trauma but recovery of memory after trauma is possible in this case. Loss of memory is usually accompanied by symptoms like confusion, irritation and difficulty in completing tasks.

Causes of Memory Loss

  1. Alcoholism
  2. Trauma
  3. Aging
  4. Stress
  5. Dementia
  6. Psychological disturbances
  7. Drug abuse
  8. Medications
  9. Malnutrition
  10. Vitamin deficiencies
  11. Sleep disorders
  12. Prolonged exposure to toxins
  13. Infections
  14. Chronic medical conditions.

Natural Home Remedies

  1. Reading and solving complex word puzzles can stimulate brain functioning and tackle the problem of memory loss.

  2. Intake of vitamin B complex and compounds like 5-hydroxytryptophan, acetyl L-Carnitine, phosphadyl-choline and DMAE are quite useful for treating memory loss.

  3. Pistachio nuts can treat memory loss due to thiamine deficiency.

  4. Wheat germ, rich in vitamin E, can solve the problem of memory loss due to aging.

  5. Blue berries, strawberries, carrots, eggs, okra, apricots and artichokes may be taken in large quantities, for they can function as memory boosters.

  6. Herbal tea made out of sage, rosemary, marjoram basil and green tea can strengthen weak brain.

  7. Drinking tea and coffee stimulates brain functioning and improves brain.

  8. Getting adequate sleep is beneficial for brain.

  9. Gingko biloba tincture can improve circulation in brain and improve overall health.

  10. Meditation and mind relaxing exercises can remove stress and solve the problem of memory loss.

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