21. Promotes Seeing God
Sunny • onVedic 13 years ago • 1 min read

Without a doubt, the Vedic scripture provides descriptions and narrations meant to help one increase his or her awareness of God in all beings. Anyone who studies the essential Vedic texts will soon see a difference in his or her recognition of how God is within everyone, accompanying the jivatma (individual soul) as the paramatma (Supersoul). You will never find anywhere else the information on the Supersoul as we find in the Vedic texts. This information helps us see the Divinity within all living beings and how everyone is a part of the Supreme in spiritual quality. Such an awareness and perception will naturally increase our respect and concern for all living creatures. We will realize that all life is sacred. We will more clearly understand how our love for God will be exhibited by how much we care and cooperate with others.


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  • Guest 10 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    There is so much that we can learn from our Vedic Literature. But simply reading does not help. One needs to practically apply that in his / her life. It is just like buying a ticket but not making journey to the destination which it was meant for. Just reading a religious book does not help.

    There is no dearth of of scholars who have read volumes of books but unfortunately, they lack the actual meaning of love. Love is not to be found in books. Had that been so, all those well read persons and the scholars of different hues could easily achieve salvation.

    To be in communion or love with God or its creation does not need a person to be a Graduate, Post Graduate, Engineer or a Doctor. It is just a longing for HIM and each of tiny object created by him. Meera Bai who had so much of love for Bhagwan Krishna and was even ousted by his father Rana was not a post graduate. Dhanna Bhagat had bought the seed of Water Melons for bowing. Instead of doing that, he distributed those seeds amongsts the saints so that they could quench their hunger. He too was not a scholar or post graduate. It was just for his inner love of poor and the needy. While Meera had an unparalleled love for Krishna and longed for HIS blessings, Dhanna Bhagat could see God in the garb of those poor saints who were hungry. And the way, how both Meera Bai and Dhanna Bhagat, have been rewarded is a living example for us to see and emulate. Longing for God and its creation comes from one's core of heart.

    Let us all first love HIS creation before we crave for HIM\ and seek HIS BLESSIGS.


    Tilak Raj Sharma