21 Tips-Young Secrets
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Want to look young, gorgeous and glowing? Well, prepare to get carded! Our 21 stay-young secrets will put time on your side. Goodbye wrinkles! Begin With A Girlish Grin

  1. Swear off foods that stain -- anything with a dark pigment, such as red wine, soy sauce or steak will make your teeth not so pearly white. Instead, chomp on apples, carrots and cucumbers; the cellulose in their skins and their slightly acidic compositions actually cleanse teeth.

  2. Pick whitening toothpaste with fluoride to help prevent decay. Can't brush after a big meal? Chew sugarless gum with a whitener for 20 minutes. Recent studies suggest it reduces plaque by 20 percent.

  1. Wear Crest White Strips for 30 minutes twice daily, and your teeth will be significantly whiter after two weeks. For a professional smile, ask your dentist about in-office bleaching treatments like Zoom. The hour-long procedures range from $500 to $1,000, but results last more than three years.

Baby Your Skin 4. Have your sun fun, but get defensive with a daily SPF on any exposed skin -- even in the dead of winter.

  1. Get glowing with top-to-toe exfoliation three times a week and use a heavy night cream all over

Take a Bite Out Of Time 6. Go fishing. Saltwater varieties (salmon, tuna, cod and halibut) are highest in omega-3 fatty acids, which help regulate skin's glow, luster and shine.

  1. Green tea time! The soothing beverage helps boost the quality of skin's elastic tissue.

  2. Stock up on antioxidants. Vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene found in foods like tomatoes, squash and carrots protect cells from the ugly effect of oxidation (think the weathered-leather look).

  3. Pass the olive oil. It's loaded with natural chemicals that may help prevent age spots.

Work It Out 10. To beat the bulge that creeps up with age go on with a minimum of four 20-minute sessions of cardiovascular exercise weekly.

  1. Pump iron to build bone density, increase muscle mass and fight osteoporosis. Lift a weight you can do manageably for 10 to 12 reps. If it's not challenging enough, increase the weight.

Do The Right Thing 12. Restore your locks' youthful luster. Hair dehydrates with age. To get make your mane beautiful again, use a hot-oil treatment weekly, and massage a deep conditioner into your scalp to replenish the moisture.

  1. Find a happy medium. Super long or super short hair adds years to your face

Make Up The Difference 14. Give skin a moist, dewy finish instantly with a brightening product which can be worn under or over foundation.

  1. Lids a little droopy? Slightly tilt eyeliner at the outside corners of the eyes and add a wash of highlighter along the brow bone. Use an eyelash curler and volumizing mascara for a bonus boost.

  2. After 25, lips begin to thin. Plump up your pout using a neutral pencil to line, and fill them once you've prepped with a balm. Polish 'em off with a moisturizing lipstick that contains an SPF.

Face These Facts 17. Prominent pores a problem? Hormonal changes in the 20s and 30s cause them to enlarge, making the complexion appear rough and uneven. Use oil-blotting papers and toners with ingredients like chamomile and witch hazel to temporarily swell the skin around the pores, which makes them seem smaller.

  1. Seeing spots? At 30, signs of past sun damage may begin to creep up in the form of freckles. Dose the dots with an over-the-counter bleaching cream or talk to your dermatologist about a prescription containing hydroquinine or last treatments.

  2. Laugh lines making you frown? Forehead creases giving you a headache? Talk to your doctor about injectables like Botox, Restylane or collagen.

Lay It On Those Lines 20. Moisture is the key to keeping your eyes looking young and alert! Perk up your peepers with a dab of eye cream twice daily.

  1. Treat wrinkles, brown spots and stretch marks with a doctor-recommended dream cream.


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    Researchers have found that good looking students get higher grades from their teachers than students with an ordinary appearance. Furthermore, attractive patients receive more personalized care from their doctors.