4 Effective Anti-Inflammatory Herbs To Reduce Inflammation
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Some steroids and herbs are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Know some effective and useful anti-inflammatory herbs to reduce inflammation.

Some drugs, steroids or herbs are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. But what anti-inflammatory means? Let's start from the beginning. Inflammation is a complex reaction of the body to the harmful stimulant in the form of irritants, damaged cells or pathogens.

Organism tries to protect itself from the stimulant, removes it and then starts the healing process. This process is very important because wounds begin to heal on account of this inflammatory reaction. And so those substances as mentioned before possesses special properties which speeds-up the healing process and therefore, known as anti-inflammatory.

When inflammation begins, white blood cells become very active, as their main function is to cure and protect your organism from foreign bodies, viruses, bacteria, etc. White blood cells have special chemicals, which go to the inflamed part of the body and begin to swell. If the inflammation occurs quite near the skin, that area becomes red in colour, warm and throbs, also blood flow increases. Pain is the most common sign of inflammation. Sometimes internal organs may get affected too due to inflammation.

Useful herbs: Usually drugs are the most popular while treating inflammation, but herbs may also help you in a more natural and safe way. They reduce symptoms and make you feel better, also possesses additional beneficial properties. So let's now have a look at the useful herbs with anti-inflammatory properties

  1. Turmeric: This is one of the best herbs which effectively cure inflammation like arthritis, auto-immune disorders and tendonitis. However, it won't work in an effective manner if you are using drugs. Most of the herbal remedies needs time. Be careful and do not use turmeric very often as it may cause heartburn. Pregnant women first should consult the doctor if they want to use this herb.

  2. Boswellia: It is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Boswellia relieves the unwanted symptoms of inflammation being rich in natural properties, which are similar to the anti-inflammatory drugs. The best thing is that this herb does not irritate the digestive tract, and you can use it safely.

  3. Ginger: Using ginger in order to relieve the inflammation symptoms is really beneficial. This root is known to have many valuable properties. As with turmeric, you will have to wait for some time for noticeable effect, but the use of ginger is really worth waiting.

  4. Licorice: Also you may try using this herb. It is highly effective. Just have in mind, that you should not use it for very long as it may cause potassium loss and high blood pressure.

There are many more herbal remedies, which can help you to reduce inflammation. Arnica, devils claw, bromelain, white willow, papaya should help you a lot too, but use all these herbs wisely and be sure that you are not allergic to them, or if you are ill with some other disease then better check with your doctor.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat proper foods if you do not want to get into this condition. Also, treat all the diseases carefully so as to avoid further complications.

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