5 Clues To Getting A Guy Back
Teecee Go • onRelationship 8 years ago • 4 min read

No doubt you remember the day you both met? You remember how he made you feel by the words he said and the things he would do. It seemed as though nothing would ever change. However, time as passed and he is gone. You know you miss him. You know that somewhere along the way his being gone is partially your fault. Getting a guy back will be much easier if you can get him to realize that you are the one he needs? By utilizing the 5 steps set forth, you could turn the tables and get him back.

(1) Forget Who Broke Up With Who

One of things to remember is forget who initiated the breaking up. One of the worst things people tend to do is remind people of their past mistakes. How do you get a guy back? The old phrase let bygones be bygones should be used in this case. If he cheated on you, you need to forgive him and learn to try to give him another chance. This sounds easier said than done especially for many people who hold grudges. However, you need to do this before you even attempt to get him back.

If you did the cheating, you may have a harder time convincing him that you are sorry for your actions. However, if you really want him back you need get him to do the same thing… forgive and forget. If you both are not able to forget but can forgive the indiscretion, it still does not work.

(2) Limit Phone Calling

How do you get a guy back? Certainly not calling fifty or more times a day. By doing this, you are telling him that you are desperate and alone. Would you do this with someone you were interested in but only went out with a couple of times? Think of this break up make up as a new relationship. It would scare anyone away to hear more than one phone call a day with you crying your eyes out. Be sure to talk with a calm tone of voice in this one phone call a day.

(3) Don’t Plot Revenge

If you scheme to get your guy back, then it likely you may be tapped with a restraining order or even be sent to rehab center for stalking. If you have to plot a plan and hatch it to get your man back, it may be time to remind yourself some relationships just were not meant to be.

(4) Don’t Spy

Many men (and women for that matter) do not like to be spied on. If you are watching his every move or show up everywhere he is at, then he may be soon seeking a restraining order to avoid you at every cost. Do not ask his friends or his family what he has been up to or anything of that stalking manner. Doing this may lead some of them to lean towards his way of thinking.

(5) Counseling

If you have tried everything in your power (without going overboard) to win back the guy you desire, it is probably time to consider moving on. If he does not return any of your phone calls, meets you when you ask, if you have a restraining order or completely ignores you this is the time to consider psychiatric counseling in case. By talking about the issues you are feeling, you can move past the hurt and pain you are feeling.

Getting a guy back needs time, effort and patience. Sometimes you just can’t and the hardest part is accepting this fact. However, if you move past and learn from the mistakes you both made or probably he is just not the type of man you deserve, remember there are other men who will treat you like you should be treated: love and respect.


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