5 Comic Characters That You Can Hardly Ignored
Tina Chong • onGeneral 10 years ago • 1 min read

I believe that everyone has his times for loving comic or cartoon serials. There are many classic characters for us to recall the happiest times in our childhood - Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry....

They brings numerous laughters to us and the coming generation, doesn't they? It seems a nostalgic tone in my article - just because I came across a pictures collection of 5 comic characters at one website. These 5 comic characters, can be also seen 5 brave characters that we cannot ignore.

How classic the batman is! He tells us to fight again the evil powers persistently; x-men are the brave people to save Earth with their efforts. These characters are not as lovely as Mickey Mouse and his friends, however, they are worth admiring for their brave actions.

So I think they are the ones that can hardly ignored in Comic world. How about you? View Pics


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