5 Important Rules In Business Website Design
Manisha • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 3 min read

In business, getting success is the main aim of every businessman. And for this a strong marketing plan is always required. These days marketing over internet has become the necessity of time. To create an online business image one needs to have an effective business website design. A good business website design can elevate the interests and trust of customer to become a regular buyer of company’s products.

A good website should also be able to understand the needs of customers and how to fascinate them in a satisfying manner. To achieve this goal of worth making marketing business and building a confidence of customer upon a company, there are five important rules to be well acquainted. By understanding these basic five rules you can begin to build a dynamic business website design that reflects the idea of a company. The important five business website design rules are mentioned below :-

Menus should be simplified – As we all know simplicity is the best policy, here exactly you can apply this term in your website design. The website should be easy to navigate and the important links to your service and products should be visible. Time taking and too much of elaborated menus should be avoided as visitors might find difficult in what they seek for or might not want to wait for long.

Navigation should be simplified – When visitors are absorbed with the pages of website, they should find it easy to return to the materials on which they have selected. Easy navigation will make visitors to get the points, information of the products, important links and services of what they are aiming for.

Flash pages are better to be avoided – First thing is flash pages take a long time to load. It is hardly founded by search engines and sometimes may not load on slow internet connection. Visitors might not want to wait because of its time consumption in loading and they go for any other website.

Avoid excessive banner ads –Most often banner ads are neglected or ignored by average web browsers. Use of light weighted graphics is always suggested and it shouldn’t be displayed in excess.

It is better to avoid audio- When visitors browse through the pages of website some don’t tend to listen to the music or sound being provided. This might be of one factor to disturb while in their search of information or in purchasing products. Providing options to turn on or off the audio in the website will be a good idea.

Understanding these five rules in profound way and applying it accurately in building business web design would make a mind blowing approach towards the customers. A perfect friendly website would lead the businesses not only to soar higher in online business but also in building a successful friendship with the customer.

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