5 Major Breast Augmentation Problems
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Breast augmentation is a procedure of inserting silicone implants under the breast to expand the area of breast. Know the major breast augmentation problems.

Breast augmentation is a procedure of inserting silicone implants under the breast to expand the breast area to give a fuller look. This increases the size of the breasts and gives it a better shape. Many women who have small breasts or who are unhappy with their breast shape and size opt for this procedure for cosmetic reasons. It can bring about a major change in the woman’s life but at the same time breast augmentation problems should be kept in mind while going in for this procedure.

This surgical method involves an incision to be made under the breast or within the areola or in the armpit to insert the implant. The kind of incision will depend on the implant type and the body type of the woman. This method will also depend on the patient’s preferences who is getting the breast augmentation done. The incision is then closed using sutures which are fine and dissolvable. The surgery may take a couple of hours using a general anesthetic. The recovery time is different from patient to patient and some are back to work in a few days. However the average recovery time is about 2 weeks and one is advised not to do anything strenuous during this time.

One might feel tiredness and soreness during the recovery period. Discomfort, swelling and bruising is also common after any surgical procedure. Other complications that might be associated with breast augmentation are: infection, bleeding, change in nipple sensation, reaction to anesthesia, rupture, shifting, asymmetry, implant rippling, need for repeat procedures and unsatisfactory results. Some of the breast augmentation problems are discussed as below:

  1. Bleeding: Some women may experience accumulation of blood in the pocket created for the implant. Due to this there may be swelling and pain in the breast. In this condition, the patient has to undergo another operation to stop the bleeding.

  2. Infection: If there is an occurrence of infection in the breast, it may be required to remove the implant temporarily. Sometimes the patient is given antibiotics before the procedure to avoid infection later. If one experiences swelling, redness or pain after the breast augmentation, you need to contact the doctor see if any infection is present.

  3. Interference with Mammogram: One of the breast augmentation problems is that these implants may cause interference with the mammogram screenings. They create an obstruction and the x rays may not be able to pass these obstructions.

  4. Capsule Contracture: Unnatural firmness of the implant can happen due to a tense scar around the implant.

  5. Asymmetry: Implant asymmetry may be visible if one implant is placed higher than the other or too far.

The two different types of implants namely silicon and saline implants may have specific problems related to each specifically. If the silicone implants break inside, the patient may be unaware whereas in the case of saline implants, they deflate once they rupture. Silicone implants may leak without any symptoms and the only way to detect is by conducting an MRI.

Saline implants have a higher risk of rippling which is visible. They are also likelier to get ruptured and make the breast look flatter than the other and additional surgery would be required. Breast augmentation results can bring back the self confidence in a woman but at the same time breast augmentation problems should be quickly dealt with in order to provide complications.

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