5. The Science Of Life
Sunny • onVedic 13 years ago • 2 min read

5. The Vedic Literature Offers More Information On The Science Of Life After Death, Karma And Reincarnation.

Sure, all religions indicate there is life after death. However, they normally offer only the most basic understanding that if you are good and a believer, maybe you will go to heaven. And if you are predominantly bad, you will go to hell. But only the Vedic philosophy offers detailed information on how exactly this works, and how we create our future with every thought, word and deed. And how that future may not only be in a heavenly world or on a hellish planet, but how it can be another life similar to what we are experiencing now on this earthly globe.

After all, we can look around this planet Earth and see that some people live a nice heavenly existence. They may live in beautiful weather and landscapes, in pleasant surroundings, and in a lovely house, with plenty of money, etc. While someone else may live in a country torn by war, with famine and drought all around, dealing with disease and poverty, and so on. Or we can see that even within the same family, someone may be born and become educated, wealthy and accomplished, while a sister or brother may be born blind, deformed, uneducated, and grow to have a hellish life filled with difficulty. Why is there such a difference? The fundamental religions may give only basic answers, like it is the will of God. Yet the Vedic knowledge can go into great details to explain how such occurrences are arranged by nature to provide the necessary facilities for each individual to have what he or she desires and deserves according to their past actions, words and consciousness.


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  • Guest 10 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    Having been blessed with this life as a human being, we have been bestowed with an unmatchable intellect which we can make best use of in our day to day life. Without caring what we have done in the past or what we can do in future, the best course of action open for all of us is interact and behave with others in a most humane way. Perhaps, many of us need to bring a drastic change in our attitude. Good attitude always transforms our of life. Eveybody feel good about us. Even we ourselves start feeling that we are of some use to the society. Broadly good attitude may include, to give a smile when we meet some body, while travelling spare one's own seat for wear, infirm or a lady, depending upon the financials available withus, give something as charity, not to hurt anybody, extending any kind of help to somebody who is not even distantly related to us, share somebody's moment of sorrow etc. In nutshell, when we talk about good attitude, there is so much we can do for other. Doing so selflessly will certainly help refine our soul. This is how we can get past our misdeeds. Once this transformation takes place, then thee is no looking back. Results are bound to be in our favour provided we most truthfully discharge our duties as good human being. Moreover, with all the super faculities that we have been blessed by God, HE expects that we should be very honest and dutiful toward not only our fellowbeings but with what all that exist on this planet Mother Earth.

    Let us all introspect and be worthy of blessings by God Almighty.


    Tilak Raj Sharma