5 Ways To Make Your Resume Shine On-Line
Sunny • onResume 12 years ago • 2 min read

The internet makes it possible to point and click your way into your dream position or a gig just to pay the bills. On-line job boards such as Hotjobs.com receives over 7.5 million visitors each month making it easy to get lost in the mayhem of the point and click stampede toward employment. Have no fear, there a few things you can do to get in the groove of this fast-paced job shuffle.

1.)Craft an eye-catching header.
That single line in the header of your e-mail is valuable advertising space, it separates you from thousands of other job seekers, make it count.

2.)Use keywords.
Craft your resume and cover letter using the description from the job posting. Include a “key words” section at the bottom of your resume, suggests Chris Jones, VP of Content at Hotjobs.com. Employers use automated systems to scan and flag resumes with certain key words.

3.)Target your search.
Treat your job hunt as a planned, precise operation. Do your homework on the industry and target potential employers. Apply directly on their corporate web site.

4.) Utilize on-line tools.
If you're posting on a job board, investigate the site and see what they have to offer. Hotjobs.com allows you to post up to 10 different resumes while Monster.com offers a specialized diversity and inclusion job search feature.

5.) Use any means necessary.
Experts agree networking is still the number one way to gain employment. Network your way into a company and cultivate a contact that will be receptive to receiving your resume and will pass it on to the right person.

A missed opportunity is as close as the delete button. Make sure you read the directions when applying for a position. Stay in the game by giving employers what they requested.


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