55 Reasons Why I Love You
Sunny • onLove & Harmony 12 years ago • 4 min read

Reasons I Love You:

1) The way you stand by my side 2) The times you make sure nothing will harm me 3) How you always find a new way to "WoW" me 4) When I'm sad, you take the pain away with a joke 5) How you always look deep into my eyes

6) How you can make my heart melt with your soft lips 7) The way you hold my hand so tight 8) The way you never let my hands go 8) How you always watch out for me 9) They way you make sure I have everything I need 10) How you always know what to say when I get mad at you

11) When you buy me things out of the blue 12) How you say the cutest things over and over and never gets old 13) The way you play with my hair when I'm falling asleep 14) The way you stare at me as if I am the most handsome guy in the world! 15) The times when you where determind for me not to be mad at you anymore

16) The way you look when I get all dressed up 17) The smile you give after I'm done kissing you 18) The way you act like a dork but make me laugh 19) The way your not embarrased to say or do anything in front of me 20) How you can just defend me and not be scared

21) They way you walk when you get sad!! 22) The look you make when you get jealous 23) When Im feeling the worst, you make me feel the happiest 24) The way you sing to be all cheesy 25) How you can just drive hours to see me for a day

26) How you always finish my sentences 27) How your the only one who thinks im NOT weird 28) How your the only one who gets my joke... and laughs 29) The way we play stupid games, but you play anyways 30) How I can never hate you

31) How you love me like no other 32) The way you touch me as if I might break 33) How you tell me long stories that have no meaning, but you know I'll listen anyway 34) How you listen to me talk for hours 35) How you forgive me when I do wrong

36) How you hardly ever get mad at me 37) The way you look after I say I love you 38) How times it seems like we're the only ones here 39) the way your not embarrased to call me sweet things in front of anyone 40) The way you call me every freakin minute

41) The way you always find a way to see me or talk to me 42) How you put ME before you friends 43) How you would do anything I say 44) The way you get my attention 45) The way I turn you on, without me doing anything

46) How you can just speak your mind 47) How your not afraid to tell me your feelings 48) How you can cry in front of me with out being shy or embarassed 49) How you can diss parties to just stay home with me all night 50) How we talk on the phone all night

51) How we both get along so well 52) The way you spend all your money to buy calling cards for me 53) The way we're so much alike!! 54) How you make me feel when I think I'm nothing 55) the way you inspire me with your thoughts and emotions!!!!



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