6 Effective Home Remedies For Morning Sickness That You Can Try At Home
Dr Andrew Napier • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

Morning Sickness is a condition in pregnancy that affects most of the women who are pregnant. It is seen as a symptom of pregnancy. It is very common in the first trimester. It is a feeling of nausea and sometimes it induces vomit also. The intensity of morning sickness varies from person to person. It normally eases by the second trimester that is the fourth month, but each pregnancy is different.

It is called "morning" sickness but the feeling of nausea may last all day. The name is so because the feeling is normally worst in the mornings. The cause could be due to the increase in the level of estrogen during pregnancy. The hCG is also produced in large quantity during a pregnancy, which can induce morning sickness or nausea. A woman goes through many changes when she gets pregnant, so these changes affect the woman.

If one is exhausted, the nausea can affect more. The positive side of morning sickness can be seen as it prevents the toxins reaching the fetus. If the pregnant woman ingests any kind of toxins in food or otherwise, it acts like a defense mechanism. During pregnancy the body rejects or throws out the toxins through morning sickness. However it may cause dehydration, so one should take care.

The sense of smell also enhances during pregnancy, therefore some smells can trigger off morning sickness. One is more likely to have morning sickness if she is carrying multiple fetuses. If it was present in a previous pregnancy, it is likely to be present in the next pregnancy also. It does not harm the baby. If one cannot eat due to morning sickness, vitamin supplements must be taken.

It is difficult to get rid of nausea because it is a natural process. Treatment is usually not required for this problem but to get some relief from it, some home remedies can be used. It may not take the feeling of morning sickness away completely but will help in lessening the discomfort caused. Some home remedies are as follows -

  1. Lemon: Smelling freshly cut lemons reduces its feeling.

  2. Small meals: Eating many small meals is better than eating big heavy meals. Digestion will be better too.

  3. Fruits and vegetables: Eating fresh fruits and vegetables keeps one healthy.

  4. Ginger: Having ginger ale or ginger tea takes away the nausea feeling. Ginger works like a medicine.

  5. Crackers: Having dry crackers in the morning helps ease away from this problem.

  6. Bland food: Spicy food can trigger this problem, so try having bland food.

Avoid strong smells and odors. Avoid eating greasy food which can cause discomfort. Avoid staying empty stomach for long periods of time. Take healthy diet at regular interval as prescribed by your doctor. This will help you in controlling this problem. Try to avoid brushing your teeth immediately after eating food. Drink water stay hydrated. Intake of vitamins should be taken care of. Take in fresh air and try to relax. All these factors will help you in this condition.

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