8 Tips For Designing An Effective Website
Manisha • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 3 min read

Using web design tools anybody can try to design a website. But designing an effective website is not an easy. For designing an effective website one must be professional or should have an expertise. Below mentioned tips can lead to design an effective website.

1.Select color and stick to it: Choice of color can make or break your website. Colors play vital role in designing effective website. If you already have chosen logo for your business, it will help you to select color for website. Colors can elicit different emotions from visitors sad, happy, angry etc. If you are unable to decide color for your business web design you can search online for color combinations.

2.Neat and clean navigation: Navigation links are the important factors in designing website. Neat and clean links decide how long your visitors stay and explore your website. Most probably visitors read home page and try to find something that interest them.

3.Backgrounds: Select background for your website keeping in mind that content must be readable. Avoid using very dark color background.

4.Content volume: Content on the web page is far important than professional look and feel of the website. Always provide necessary information on the web pages. Avoid putting unnecessary information, it can confuse visitors. Always use small and meaningful sentences rather than long sentences.

5.Design for all screen resolution: An easy-to-use website always increases visitor's interest in exploring the website. Advance in technologies and monitor's configuration is increasing rapidly. Therefore, you should go for a design which fits all types of screen resolutions.

6.Cross browser compatibility: There are dozens of browsers which are being used by users these days for surfing. Sometimes website run smoothly on one browser and fail on another browser. To avoid such a situation you must design a website which is fully browser compatible. It will appear more or less the same in all major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, IE, Google chrome etc.

7.Optimization load time: Make sure that your website’s loading time is low. For minimizing your website loading time you must minimize graphics, flash and scripts. Do not try to include unnecessary tags and unused script that can increase file size.

8.Use Templates: If you can't make out layouts for your website go for templates. There are many pre-designed templates available online. With the help of these templates you can make out layouts for your web pages. But if you are looking for a unique design, then custom web design is the option.

With the help of these tips you surely can design an effective website for you business.

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