A Frozen Tear
Cute Girl • on 11 years ago • 2 min read

Winter in Kodiak, a time of little light. The snow brightens the ground and the stars light up the night. A cluster of Spruce sag deep, a drift in front of my car. My heart weighs heavy. Thoughts of relatives afar. A blustery wind blows, north then south. A cold winter thirst, warm java for my mouth. A homeless man sleeps, all bundled in clothes.

His heart deep with thoughts of past Christmas woes. A handshake, a smile, a sip of my coffee. A friend in waiting, I became to he. Some food from the shelter, a warm place to rest. His life for the moment, felt happy and blessed. He told me the stories of days long ago.

My full attention, he required, to him I happily bestowed. A veteran of the war, a father of four. A long distance call seemed to matter no more. The blanket of stars and the snow under his feet, only brought back memories of a scar so deep. A story from my life, I understood his loss.

To spend Christmas without family, there is no greater cost. One more handshake. A man-hug goodbye. His face looked of worry, wondered if I would be back tonight. A job in Kodiak sometimes is so rare. But I am happy to tell you, where I work is here. A smile, a thought, the lending of an ear. A thousand times more helpful than a frozen tear.


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