A Girl's Choice
Cute Girl • onRelationship 12 years ago • 3 min read

Some of india's beleive that a married woman should take care of home after marriage, child birth, takin care of in laws are all her life. She need to ask her husband if she want something or need to do something. After hubby its come father in law, mother in law, grand in laws to take permission. Indian woman is not totally free & independent let it whether she is a working woman, house wife, self employed or in business. Even she dont have right on her own income. Why? Why she need to tell her hubby & in laws where she is spending money? Why she need to give a almost part of her income to her inlaws? Why no one is ready to take part in her responsibilities in house work if she is working for her outside? there are a lot questions, but unanswerable.

All says in India today woman is a independent bird a human with freedom. All these are fake. She is still in boundries? Why she need to carry cell with her every time when she is on work or out with some friends? Because any time her hubby or in laws can call & ask her where are you, what are you doing? And if she was not answering on phone [can be she is in traffic or in movie etc] than she have reply of nonsense question, why you didnt picket the phone? you were with whom? Rubbish. Why she cant talk with her co-workers in office freely or can invite them at home? When she need to purchase even a little thing why she have to present a good reason that why she need this thing? Why she need a new dress, or purse or shoe or anything. Can any woman in India do the same with his hubby. Like giving call & ask where are you? Asking him why you have purchase a new tie? Why you are not giving me part from your salary? No ways.

Sorry to male readers specially if the are married but one thing is very much clear that almost men have a little doubtfull feeling for his wife / girl friend in any corner of heart. If she becomes ten minutes let, they start thinking she must be with someone. If she talk with any of known person on way, they start thinking why she is smiling & talking with him. They cant wait till wife introduce him with opposite person. Ak second me to unke magaj me hazaro khayal aa jate hai. But woman cant do like this. After marriage a girl need to adjust herself with every person, need to change her wishes, hobbies & likes as per other but why even a single person from in laws are not ready to adjust with or get change for her?

Agar shaadi ke baad kisi woman ko bahar job karne ki permission milti hai to her in laws think ke use azadi mil gayi. But jo peeche vo log use sawal pe sawal karte hai unka kya... ye to aisi bat hui ke Ak udte hue panchi ko pinjre me qued kar liya fir uske pankh band ke use chod diya ke ab sara aakash tumhara hai, per pankh hi nahi to aakash ka kya?



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  • Sunny 12 years ago

    I am verymuch glad to you for providing such a useful information, after reading this i hope atleast few men will change their mindsets.

    Lets hope for the best.

    Once again thank you.

    Warm regards, Sandeep www.gleez.com