A Guide To Astro Compatibility
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Each sign has an element of either fire, water, air or earth associated with it and these are the basic building blocks of the sign.

FIRE To understand what the element, which encompasses Aries, Leo and Sagittarius means, you should think of fire. It brings light and energy and people with this as an element will have that same fire and enthusiasm for new ideas. Fire, of course, is very volatile, just like people born under these signs. Although it can be controlled, but when it is uncontrolled, it can become dangerous.

EARTH The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. These represent the practical signs because earth as an element represents foundation. Earth signs are realistic and practical. Too much occasionally as their imagination can be stunted. They need to touch something to believe in it. They have tremendous business acumen and do well in financial based roles. Everything they believe in is because they have experienced it. They have a strong will power and determination which means that they fight hard to get what they believe in with work situations or relationships. They can be obstinate and dogmatic and it is difficult to get an earth person to change their mind and can be a little bit narrow-minded when it comes to the views of other people. They don't like change and can constantly fight against it but this; of course, this does have its advantages in that it makes them incredibly loyal.

AIR The air signs consist of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. These are the free-thinking signs of the zodiac. They are the people that do not like to be tied down and have a wish to explore new ideas and avenues. They are generally intellectually bright, or at least will use their imagination to achieve their aims. Astrologically speaking, air signs can be the more difficult sign to fathom because you can't see them in the same way as you can see fire, water and earth. They therefore tend to hide their feelings. Air signs are positive and the temperament of those born under these signs is generally one of optimism.

The only times they are not positive is when they cannot intellectually see something working for them and feel that they cannot rely on their instincts. The thing about air signs is that just as we only feel the air when it is blowing hot or cold, and we don't notice anything in between, the same can be said about the characteristics of those born under the air signs. They can go unnoticed for long periods of time and then, for some reason, become suddenly noticeable in our lives.

WATER This covers the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These signs are said to represent the deep feelings of our nature. Those born under this sign are ruled by their emotions and feelings. They do everything based on what they are feeling, their intuition and their heart rules their head. Water signs rely on feeling.

They have a strong need to touch and be touched. They are deeply sensuous and romantic signs. But as much as touch is about feeling and sensuality, it's about reassurance as well. What they study and excel in as youngsters are very much subjects with feelings such as art, history and literature as well as music, acting and dancing.

Aries 21st March - 20th April

You are somewhat like your sign, Aries the Ram; this is because you are willing to fight for what you believe in but can be gentle, so most people remember the brash outer side that you often have because you tend to keep the softness hidden. It can belie and hide your strength of personality. You are someone that tends to make for your own ideas and beliefs. This means that you concentrate on getting out of life what you want. You often need a mission in life. After all, Aries is named after the God of War! This doesn't necessarily mean that you are a violent or militaristic person, but it does mean that you tackle projects as if you are tackling a mission or a battle plan. You do everything with a passion, whether it is following your favourite team, more than likely one of the underdog sides, or your own active involvement.

Sex and the Single Aries Aries being a fire sign like the excitement that the other fire signs of Sagittarius and Leo can bring, certainly it gives spark to a life. It is true that opposite attracts with Aries and they enjoy the company of Libra as well but generally best to avoid the water signs - particularly Pisces and Cancer.

Taurus 21st April - 21st May

You are like your sign of the bull, steadfast, dependable, loyal and often, immovable. Security is the byword for you. It is important for you to feel safe, secure and in your own environment and you will do anything to protect that environment. You are a strong-willed person, stubborn to the extreme. You are determined but fixed in your viewpoint and this can lead to problems, as you are not willing to adapt. Your intransigence will often mean you will lose out on opportunities to change your lifestyle, but more importantly, to see other people's points of view. You need to curb your possessiveness at times. There is though an artistic side to your nature and you have a strong sense of beauty and ideas.

Sex and the Single Taurean If it is safety you are after then the other signs of Virgo and Capricorn will give solid foundations. Water will give emotional support with Scorpio giving passion and clashes of will power. Live dangerously with Virgo but don't touch the Air Signs!

Gemini 22nd May - 21June

The first way that you are meant to notice a Gemini is through your constant chattering as you have a constant need to communicate. Although this is only one side of your sign as the Gemini is known to have a split or dual personality. Gemini is a sign full of contradictions. When we talk about Gemini as a sign, we see the image of the twins, Castor and Pollux. Although they may look identical, their characters are different and Gemini's are very prone to changing their characteristics. It would be unfair to say you have a split personality, it is more of a case of having a duality whereby you constantly want to change your mind. You are a very lively, versatile person but very changeable. You can approach life in different ways at times, depending on your mood. There is a constant need for stimulation, so you can easily get bored and want to move on to something different. As a Gemini, you are very flexible in your attitude towards things and you are able to easily look at new things and new ideas.

Sex and the Single Geminian For safety and mutual development best stick to the air signs, if you are just after an exciting affair with no strings attached then hop to bed with a fire sign, but don't stay there too long.

Cancer 22nd June - 23rd July

Cancer of course, is the sign of the crab and is very much how you approach life. Hiding from inside your shell and scuttling away to some corner if you feel that you are under attack. But once in that corner, you will defend yourself to the utmost and defend those around you and your family. You often project a much harder image on the outside than you are on the inside - another form of self-protection. You are emotionally very deep with a strong instinct and one of the more psychic of the zodiac signs. You are occasionally too sensitive and therefore can be too caring and over-caring to other people, a bit of a glutton for any sob story that someone else may give you. You are always prepared to wade in and help financially, or more importantly, almost to mother them.

Sex and the Cancerian Being a deep and meaningful and long-lasting relationship type of person the Water Signs are best suited for long-term attractions. The Earth Sign of Capricorn can also be a good mix but avoid Air signs as you won't be able to cope with each others moods.

Leo 24th July - 23rd August

Leo is the traditional leader of the Zodiac, the sign of Kingship and Kingdom. The Lion, the traditional ruler of the jungle animals, of course represents Leo. Like all fire signs they are someone that are very good at believing in their self-ability and looking on the brighter side of things when life seems to be going against them. Leo is the lion, which symbolises pride, authority and ruler-ship. In fact, many politicians have Leo as a major constituent of their birth chart. You like to be in charge of everything and crave recognition. You don't like to play second fiddle to anyone, so are often at the top organising things.

Sex and the Single Leo Obviously the other Fire signs such as Aries and Sagittarius provide spark and enthusiasm. Leo's are such that they can also work with the Water Signs of Pisces and Cancer. Leos will often enjoy the individuality of Aquarius as well.

Virgo 24th August - 23rd September

Virgo is the symbol of the corn maiden who represents the fruits of labour and the harvest that is yet to come. Virgo is the hard-working sign of the zodiac, particularly when looking after other people. You often don't see it in yourselves as you can remain fairly shy and reticent. You are the perfectionists of the zodiac, often too pernickety at times for other people, constantly sorting out the layout of the room, always tidying your place up. Perhaps the person most likely to be buried with the Hoover! But it's not just with housework that you could overwork, it is with life in general and you have to be careful because you are prone to mental stress as well. There is a need for care here. You always appear tidy and well groomed.

Sex and the Single Virgo Just because Virgo is the sign of the Virgin does not mean that you are not destined to have a sex life, it's just that you tend to tidy up the bed afterwards. For security best sticking to Earth Signs, though you will often find yourself attracted to mystical and dreamy Pisces but end up just tidying up after him.

Libra 24th September - 23rd October

Libra is the sign of the scales and you like to balance and weigh things up in your mind. As a Libran, you like to enjoy life to the full. You are generally easy-going, wanting to get on with everyone. The born diplomat and you hate arguments and are often prepared to step in and help the underdog. Relationships and friendships are very important. You can be a bit indecisive at times and you can spend too long trying to weigh up the arguments of both sides. If you are not careful, you will remain trying to sit on the fence when you do have to make a decision. Libra is of course an air sign and as such are full of ideas. Librans are also ruled by Venus, which of course means that they are always full of ideas on how other people's relationships should be run. Everything as a Libran you undertake is a form of comparison, You need to under stand the pro's and cons of any issue and try and make a measured judgement. You are much better with others problems then yourself and consequently many Librans find themselves working as lawyers, solicitors, policemen and judges.

Sex and the Single Libran Love is important to a Libran but equally important if that if you are a Libran is to remember not to try comparing your current lover with a past experience. Librans are a bit of a party animal and tend to lose their inhibitions quickly when in good company. In essence you should stick to the Air signs, though I am sure you will find the fire signs exiting, particularly Aries.

Scorpio 24th October - 22nd November

Scorpio is probably the most intense sign of the zodiac because it the sign most capable of change. You are someone who is complex. Everything you do is intense and full of passion. You have a quick, sharp mind and strong instinctual feeling, but you have to be careful, as Scorpios with that sting in their tail, are known to have a sharp tongue. Occasionally, you will say something at the wrong moment and appear too blunt. This can lose you a lot of friends. You have a strong sense of understanding and sympathy for other people and are willing to listen to their problems and help sort them out but woe betide anyone that lets you down because you don't easily forgive and forget.

Sex and the Scorpion Those born under the sign of the Scorpion are perhaps the most deeply passionate of all the zodiac signs. In Astrology their sign rules sex and such passions can run high. There is a bit of kinkyness to Scorpios and bondage may well be on the menu for a Scorpio love life. Scorpios are very secretive as well and clandestine affairs are strongly possible.

Sagittarius 23rd November - 21st December

Sagittarius is of the element of fire. If you have ever looked at the sign of Sagittarius, you will see it is the sign of the archer, either on horseback or indeed, a centaur from mythology. But have you ever noticed he is not aiming his arrow at a particular target. And this is very much like your life. You are often there, not knowing what direction to shoot your arrow in and occasionally, you will just haphazardly fire your arrow, your destiny if you like, and you will go chasing off in that direction. This is if you can make up your mind where to fire the arrow in the first place. In a way, you are often a rebel without a cause. You have a strong fighting ability and you will fight for your ideals and other people's ideals. There is a constant need for you to find new challenges and new energy. You dislike being tied down and often fight against being pushed into a corner. You are always on the look out for new horizons. You have an inventive mind and are constantly looking for new things to do. It is just a case of you finding that direction in which to aim.

Sex and the Sagittarian Of course the other Fire signs of Leo and Aries are suited and there can be a dynamic relationship with the Air signs in particular Gemini. Best though tend to avoid the over emotional water signs as you do not like to be restricted.

Capricorn 22nd December - 20th January

Capricorn will battle through on anything. They won't stop until they reach the top and have a very strong drive. The Capricorn symbol is the goat and this shows you as someone who is responsible and understanding, but never letting the emotional side block your more practical side. You have a strong sense of discipline, in fact, if there are no boundaries to your life, you can feel very insecure. You need to be involved in organisations. Occasionally, you can be too inward looking, so you need to look out of yourself more and you set yourself up as too rigid in your plans. Like the mountain goat that will try and reach the higher slopes of a mountainside, which no one else would feel possible. The Capricorn will get there in the end. You will tend take their time if needed, as you can be very patient. But whatever goal you set yourself and this can be quite a big goal as you are very ambitious, you will go to achieve that goal.

Sex and the Single Capricorn Capricorns do like a solid foundation to their life and the Earth Signs provide that stability. The Water signs also give the security that Capricorns can like, particularly Cancer and Pisces. Avoid the air signs unless they share your love of the countryside and enjoy making love in the open air.

Aquarius 21st January - 19th February

Aquarius is the free spirit of the zodiac signs, someone who is always ahead of their time in ideas and thoughts. Always wanting to venture into new things and new ideas. It is the Age of Aquarius that we enter in the next millennium, so Aquarians are unconventional, full of spirit and rebellious. You are always someone that wants a change in life. There is a conservative side to you as well but this is always challenged. This means that occasionally you may appear aloof to some people. You are someone that can constantly change your lifestyle to suit the circumstances around you. You are very good at encouraging people to make the best of their lives. This, of course, is the egalitarian side to you that is always helping out with causes, helping organisations such as Oxfam and Amnesty International, anything where you feel that you can be part of a positive action.

Sex and the Aquarian Of course we are said to be in the Aquarian Age and free love is meant to rule. However not all Aquarians are into wife-swapping parties though undoubtedly a few are, it is just Aquarians can find it difficult to settle down with one person and may be inclined to leave it quite late to settle down with for family life. Aquarians will be best suited to Air signs and perhaps Leo as well, but in a way those born under this sign find it easier to accommodate other signs more then anyone else.

Pisces 20th February - 20th March

This is the mystical sign and people born under this sign are deep thinkers with a strong intuition and sensitivity. You are born romantic and tend to see life through rosy-coloured spectacles. You are an optimist, everything is done with feeling and emotion. Do note though that there are two fishes in this zodiac sign, often pictured as swimming in different directions because Pisces can be like that. Often you will see the fish being tied together by their tails on a piece of cord. This symbolises the two sides of Pisces, that which wants to escape their current existence but as soon as they escape it, they want to get back. The duality of the fishes also represents those typical Pisceans with their feet on the ground at one end and their head in the clouds and away with the stars at the other end. You tend to often fight against your own ideas, the one part looking for security, the other part with your romantic dream trying to head off with that idea. It is the security versus the romantic side, often confusing yourself as well as those people around you.

Sex and the Single Piscean Being a born romantic the Piscean tends to fall in love, totally and hopelessly with the first kiss. This does mean that they can easily be infatuated and tend to fall in love with the idea of being in love more then the actual person of their affections. This is another sign that is quick to end up in affairs as one kiss with someone else tend to lead on. It is though easy to tell when a Piscean is having an affair as they are no use at keeping secrets.



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