A Joke -Usefulness Of Dad
Shilpa • onHumor 11 years ago • 1 min read

Usefulness of Dad

An inquisitive four-year-old watching too much TV was learning from the Mom. Child: Who protects us from bad guys robbing our house? Mom: The policeman does that honey. Child: Mom if the house gets fire who saves us? Mom: The fireman does that dear. Child: Where does our food come from? Mom: The farmer brings that dear. Child asked finally, "Mom, then what do we need daddy for?" Mom: For bringing a sibling to you, dear.

Smelling Good

A newly married enthusiastic wife goes to the store to buy things for the husband. She inquires about the deodorant for the men.

The salesman asks, "Do you want the ball type."

The wife says, "No this is for his underarms."



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