A Sparrow's Faith.....!! Inspiration !!
lovely • on 12 years ago • 1 min read

I'm just a little Sparrow I have no pedigree I'm rarely ever noticed But the Lord is watching me

He gave me a coat of feathers 'tis very plain I know Without a speck of color For it wasn't made for show

It keeps me warm in winter protects me from the rain were it trimmed in gold or silver Perhaps, would make vain

I have no barn or store house I neither sow nor reap God gives me my daily portion with not a seed to keep

There are many other Sparrows All over the world they're found And my Father always knows When one of us falls to the ground

I'm only a little Sparrow A bird of low degree But I know my Father loves me Dost thou know His love for Thee?


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