A True Kiss - The Art Of Kissing
Raj Yadav • onLove & Harmony 12 years ago • 2 min read

Learning the art of kissing is a must for men in order to promote intense emotion and desire from women. This is why at Gabby Luv at XXX Adult Love many tips to help promote a healthy relationship are always offered. Kissing is not a given and most Men really overlook this important area when dealing with women.

Kissing is something that I could talk about over and over again and never get bored. Nothing is better than a good kiss. People aren’t born a good kisser. The only thing that will help is education and practice. Let’s talk about different ways that you can kiss. Take some notes and practice on your woman. She will love the new attention.

First there is the domination .This is a kiss with some power behind it. It can say many things. A kiss like this will knock her off of her feet. Use this kiss if there has a lot of time spent apart . We all have had those strong moments where we feel like we have to kiss someone. The great thing about a kiss is, it is easy and fast too do. You can get your sexual frustration out without having to take off your clothes. The element of surprise is what makes a woman very excited sexually.

While kissing her, roam her body with your hands. Take time to explore every area of the woman’s body. This will make her go crazy before you can even begin to think about what your next move is. Before kissing a woman make sure your breath smells okay. Men don’t kiss her after eating a tuna fish sandwich. If in doubt, go brush your teeth.

The above are just a few basics in pleasing a woman . Kissing is the true aphrodisiac for a healthy relationship and an art that must not be overlooked. Cheers!!! guys...hope you all enjoyed...comment's welcome.



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  • Guest 11 years ago
    Kissing is one unique way that all humans can use to demonstrate the act of loving and giving. Happiness and love is all we need and it's all humans rights to give and show freely. Happiness is life and life is true love.