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Chevrolet Aveo U-VA

General Motors, one of India's leading automobile companies, have come out with their latest Chevrolet Aveo U-VA model in the market. Featuring the most updated qualities such as its sophisticated design, refined finishings with flawless & uncluttered lines, the model has an enchanting effect on car connoisseurs. Its amazingly circular design theme is refreshing & would appease any buyer.

Comfortable & upholstered seats, car is spacious enough to accommodate maximum three adults in the rear. Supported with awesome grip over gears, breaks & firm tyres, smooth driving with an approx.10.6 kmpl in city area and 15 kmpl on the highways is quite possible with this new model.

Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark, yet another mesmerizing sedan from General Motors, has hit the Indian roads. A renewed look of the classic beauty, the Daewoo Matiz, better sold under the brand name of Spark by the company, is surely expected to give other brands a tough run for their money. With its two petrol engine versions, 795cc and 995cc with 8 valve & 6 valve respectively which helps them to deliver extra power & torque.

Equipped with unique pedal box designed with durable plastic molded pedals, the car even features a mileage of 17.85kpl with a top speed of 156Km/hr. The noise-insulating mat well placed between the engine compartment and the dashboard helps in producing awesome sound insulating effect. The sturdy steel body structure boasts of a monoform design which further helps in maximizing the wheelbase. The great precision wheel control is possible through the installed torsion beam rear axle, angled shock absorbers & semi trailing arms.

Chevrolet SRV

Chevy or Chevrolet SRV (Sport Recreation Vehicle) is one of General Motor's latest plunge in the Indian automotive sector. SRV's unique feature is it's premium five-door hatchback complimenting the sporty touch. An instant hit among design-oriented car connoisseurs, Chevy SRV boast of well coordinated contemporary Italian designs re engineered for Indian used for producing a stylish sedan.

The model is built on the Optra platform where it is identical to Optra's every feature. With an adequate 185 mm ground clearance, the model has 1,598cc, 16V, DOHC, VGIS (variable geometry intake system) engine types. All these help in offering a voluminous 101 PS peak power at 5,800 rpm and a maximum torque of 140Nm at 4,500 rpm. No doubt with a sturdy carcass, the model enables an absolute flex-free, stable ride at high speeds.

Maruti Suzuki SX4

Maruti Udyog Ltd. is out with it's cutting edge new model, Maruti Suzuki SX4, a joint venture made by two of automobile czars, Suzuki and Maruti. The model closely follows the Swift platform, therefore, it is easily available with exclusive features which makes it all the more desirable among car connoisseurs. A mini SUV (sport utility vehicles) style, SX4 is almost like a car in it's construction & comfort context.The model is found in two- and four- wheel drive.

With two variants, the model is all set to conquer the Indian auto biz market. These are commonly referred as the "Urban Line" & the "Outdoor Line", where the latter is more like an SUV in appearance compared to the first one. The car is expected to have 1590cc petrol engine making it capable enough to deliver a power of 94bhp and a torque of 13.4kgm.

Hyundai Getz Prime

Hyundai Getz Prime is one of the most esteemed brands of Hyundai Motors, India, with which they are again trying to monopolize their hold on the automotive sector. The newest version of the Getz has captured the hearts of all car connoisseurs yearning for style with grace. Giving tough competition to all leading auto brands, Getz Prime is available with two petrol engine options, 1100 cc and 1300 cc.

With a competitive price, the lucrative brand has many highlighted features such as an all new hep look projected in a bit more rounded shape & modern in nature. Adorned gracefully with a larger & sleekly designed glasshouse, Hyundai's latest venture is surely going to give others a run for their money.

Mitsubishi Montero

Hindustan Motors have again struck the jackpot with the launch of Mitsubishi Montero, a Mzitsubishi Motor's model. A premium SUV, the 3.2 litre model having four-cylinder in-line turbo diesel engine construction incorporates cutting edge technology. Offered at a respectable price, the sedan has already graced the Indian tarmac with its' breathtaking speed. It has been offered at an all-India price of Rs 29.70 lakh. It's successive launch after the last Mitsubishi Cedia has just added another feather in Hindustan Motor's cap.

With 165bhp as their peak power, the car's maximum torque is 372.4 Nm (newton meter) & has 90 liter fuel tank capacity. It can easily accommodate upto 7 to 8 people in the most comfortable manner. Enough room can be made for luggages & passengers by easily removing the third row or both second and third rows.

Fiat Palio

Fiat Palio car is very comfortable and sufficient for a small family. This car can also be rated as small city, economy car. With the torque of 8.5 kgf-m @2500rpm and power of 40 KW @ 5500rpm, this car is rapidly capturing market of India.

Fiat Palio was first launched in India in September,2001. In its first year of anniversary, this car is upgraded with some value-added beneficial offerings to the customers. That included various upgraded features like two toned dashboard, seat belts for rear seats, painted bumpers, enhanced fabric upholstery design, fifth door inner trim, a rear wheel arch carpet for all base version etc.

Mahindra Logan

Mahindra & Mahindra has joined hands with French major auto brand, Renault, to launch Mahindra Renault Logan in India. The sedan boasts of fine tuned mechanical & technological upgradations such as three engine options in the form of 1.4, 1.6 petrol & 1.5 diesel. Each has varied speed limit as per their engine capacity which are even coordinated with a five-speed manual gearbox. The petrol engines can deliver an average of 10-13 km per litre while diesel engines can produce 16 to 19 km per litre.

The other salient features are : * Spacious * Trailblazing technology * Strongly marked wheel arches * Expansive interiors * Wide-body * Extra large boot volume * Robust silhouette * Easy entry and exit



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