Sunny • onHumor 10 years ago • 1 min read

Professor- heavens! my wallet is stolen. wife- did'nt u feel a hand in your pocket. Proffessor- i sure did but i thought it was mine!

An absent-minded shop-keeper came back after lunch to see A large sign on his shop saying- OUT FOR LUNCH so, he sat down and waited for himself

An absent-minded husband slammed his wife and kissed his door good-bye.

wife - do u realise dear that 25 years ago we were engaged on this very day. absent- minded husband- god! u should have reminded me. it's certainly time we got married.

Did u hear about the absent-minded professor who sat down before the mirror wondering where he had seen himself before?

wife-where is the car ? proffessor- did i take it out? wife- yes u drove it 2 skool this morning proffessor-i suppose u r right dear. i got down and turned to thank d one who had given me a lift and wondered where he had gone?

P.A - sir, the bill collector refused to go inspite of me telling him that u were out. absent- minded man- well. i better tell him that myself.



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