Acidity Causes And Home Remedy Treatment For Acidity
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Acidity refers to the excess secretion of acid by the gastric glands of the stomach. The stomach secrets hydrochloric acid that is responsible for proper functioning of the digestive system. This acid further secretes various digestive enzymes like pepsin that break the food particles for easy digestion. A normal level of acid is required in the stomach for proper digestion of the complex foods. When there is less secretion of acid the food is not digested properly and in case of excess secretion it gives rise to a condition known as acidity.

Common Causes of Acidity

  1. Consumption of Alcohol

  2. Highly spicy foodstuffs

  3. Non-vegetarian diets

  4. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID's)

Home Remedies for Acidity

  1. Drink two tall glasses of water in the morning. This helps to wash out all the excess acid and other impurities from the system. This also soothes off the burning sensation if any.

  2. Drink cold milk or have a vanilla ice cream. Within minutes, you will notice relief from heartburn and other acidity problems.

  3. Chew on a small piece of ginger and coriander. It enhances digestive function.

  4. Coconut water is a very good cure. It flushes out the excess acid from your system and also soothes the harsh effects caused by it.

  5. Tulsi or basil leaf prevents formation of excess acid. Take 10 tulsi leaves everyday in the morning.

  6. After fried or spicy food, drink a glass of luke warm water. This helps in the digestion for the food and also burns the calories thus, preventing weight gain.

  7. Vegetables like drumsticks, beans, pumpkin, cabbage, carrot and spring onions, enhance digestion.

  8. If you feel symptom of the disease, take jaggery every hour. The symptoms will subside gradually.

  9. 1 tbsp of Chebulic Myroblan or haritaki along with amla, is a quick cure.

  10. Fruit juice is good but never consumes it in empty stomach.

Acidity Diet

What to eat and how much to eat is an important factor in controlling acidity:

  1. Avoid eating fried, fatty, junk foods, and excessive chocolates.

  2. Avoid eating onions, citrus fruits, spicy foods, as they worsen the acid reflux or acidity disease.

  3. Eat carbohydrate rich food like rice, as they are easily digested and with no acid formation.

  4. Eat dinner two to three hours before sleeping time as it keeps you healthy.

  5. Eat small meals as it helps in digestion.

  6. Maintain adequate body weight it helps in acidity control

  7. Avoid eating protein-rich and calcium-rich foods like milk and diary products at night.

  8. Alcohol, caffeine should be a big no in your life for healthy living and acidity control.

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