Acidity Symptoms And Natural Herbal Remedies For Acidity Problems
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Acidity can be described as a state wherein there is an excess of acid emission by the gastric glands of abdomen. Heartburn and gas configuration are the major symptom of acidity. Our body produces acid to assimilate the food we eat. However, difficulty strikes, when it produce more acid than what is necessary.

Acids present in the stomach helps in contravention down of the food throughout digestion. But when there is excess manufacture of acid by the gastric glands of the stomach, it results in the state known as acidity.

Acidity leads to the sour or on fire sensation in the chest. Its ordinary symptoms are dyspepsia, heartburn and configuration of the ulcers. The stomachs produce acid which is very important for digestion. This acid helps in digestion of food by dissolve it. Due to over manufacture of digestive acids by stomach the burning feeling is felt and is known as Acidity.

This acid further secretes various digestive enzymes similar to pepsin that break the food particles for easy digestion. A normal level of acid is necessary in the stomach for proper digestion of the multifaceted foods. When there is less emission of acid the food is not digested correctly and in case of excess secretion it gives rise to a form known as acidity.

Causes of Acidity

  1. Excessive hot, peppery, fried food.
  2. Intake of fats, sweets, adulterated and fermented food.
  3. Alcohol use.
  4. Excessive intake of strong chocolate, tea, coffee, garlic, onions and excessive smoking.
  5. Stress-related circumstances like anger, fear, worrying.

Symptoms of Acidity

1 Discomfort, a sensation of aflame in the upper tract of the gut region specially after you consume spicy and grave foods
2 Heartburn and Dyspepsia
3 Flatulence accompany by burping
4 Vomiting and Nausea
5 Loss of appetite

Treatment for Acidity

Apple Cider Vinegar. It doesn't seem like it would work, but it works well than no matter which else. The acid of many acidic substance outside of the body in fact become alkaline once they are ingested. It balances the acid in the stomach so that you don't have to produce too much of your own stomach acid to digest foods.

Healthy Tips for Acidity
Make a habit to have a glass of luke warm water each day, it helps ease acidity.
Have watermelons, bananas and cucumbers in your daily diet. Watermelon juice is very obliging to cure acidity. Coconut water is a very high-quality source to help cure acidity and soothe your system. So try to have coconut water daily to stay away acidity.
Drink a glass of milk daily. Milk is also very helpful in relieve acidity besides it provide calcium which is good for your health and fitness.
Home Remedies for Acidity

1 Sucking a piece of clove will give respite from acidity.
2 Consumption of milk and milk foodstuffs is beneficial during acidity.
3 Intake of fresh mint juice daily is the best home remedy for acidity.
4 Taking a mixture of two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons of honey in a glass of water previous to meals, will decrease the chances of acidity and is another good home remedy for acidity.
5 Another effectual acidity cure is to boil cumin seeds in a glass of water and drink it with meals. 6 Intake of spicy foods, fried foods and pickles should be avoid.
7 Unripe foods with high pectin content should also be avoid.
8 The fruits like watermelon, banana and cucumber also lessen acidity and are good natural remedy for acidity.

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