Acne Cause And Some Successful Remedies For Acne Treatment
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A skin disorder, acne is caused by the action of hormones on oil glands and hair follicles. It is not a disease or an ailment, rather a skin condition in which red pimples are seen on the affected areas. Most commonly found on the face, acne may also occur in the other regions of the body, such as neck, chest, back, shoulders and even the upper arms.

It is the most common and chronic skin disease, usually seen in teenagers. However, adults are not totally spared from the disorder. Acne may be hereditary or can result from high stress levels, hormonal changes, menstrual periods or secretion of excessive oil in the skin. However, it can be prevented by resorting to certain home remedies. Know more about the natural ways to cure acne problem.

What Causes Acne?

There are four major factors responsible for causing acne. They act together to cause the characteristic pimples, whiteheads and blackheads associated with acne. They are: 1. Overactive oil glands 2. Blockage of the skin pores 3. Activity of normal skin bacteria 4. Inflammation

Acne Treatments 1. Cucumber is an excellent for refreshing and hydrating your skin. Use cucumber as a facial mask and wait for half an hour daily will helps to cure acne and also helps from acne scars breaking out on your skin. 2. Take fresh mint juice, dip the cotton ball in it and apply on the effected area and wash with lukewarm water after 30 minutes. This is an alternative to cucumber treatment for acne during pregnancy. 3. Mashed or blended orange mix with sufficient water to form a fine paste and apply this paste on acne. After some time you can peel it off from your skin. This is very natural acne treatment during pregnancy. 4. Aloe vera is very useful and one of the best acne treatment forever, Take aloe vera leaf and gently rub on the acne will removes acne or acne scars on any place on the skin. This is not only helpful natural acne treatment during pregnancy but also for all aged people irrespective of genre. 5. Water boiled with neem tree leaves used for taking steam helps in reducing acne and acne Scars. This treatment will also give a very good relaxation to your skin. 6. Washing face with tender coconut water is a very natural treatment to overcome acne or acne scars. 7. If you are strong, brave and a big fan of garlic then apply garlic directly on acne effected area, which will helps to disappear acne on your skin, if you repeated in regular intervals.

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