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Acne is a common skin ailment that can occur at any age but common in adolescence and adults. It occurs mainly due to impurity within the body. The impurity could be in the blood, which manifests itself externally as acne. If the blood is impure, then the sebaceous (sweat) glands will have to work harder in eliminating these wastes. This hyperactivity of the sweat glands causes acne.

What causes acne?

The new trend in medical circles is to discuss acne as a hormonal imbalance. The previous trend was to talk about pores getting clogged by sebum. Unfortunately, neither of these are causes. What causes a hormonal imbalance? What causes pores to get clogged?

That is the goal of this site. To help you come to your own conclusions about what causes acne. It is also to help you find out about the dangerous side effects of prescription medicines.

Next is the main part of this site which is our step by step natural acne treatment guide. You will find an extensive resource for getting yourself on the right track to a healthier lifestyle and fantastic skin with this plan. This is the large overview guide of the entire process. Below you'll find many steps to assisting with it and other specific articles related to natural acne treatment.

Treatments for acne

If the problem is severe one should apply medicines prescribed by the dermatologist, which are usually gels. One should be careful while using such gels as most of them is not supposed to be applying in sun and they cause some irritation and burning sensation on the skin. If you are following a friend's or someone else's advice to cure your pimples ask recommendation from a chemist or doctor. Never experiment with your skin. You can buy established over to counter medicines from a drug store to cure your skin but take advice from a doctor. Never use more than one acne treatment at a time. Follow one treatment if you get no results than you opt for another one.

Home Remedies for Acne

  1. Fresh fenugreek paste made from its leaves. Apply before going to bed and wash off in the morning.

  2. Cucumber pulp applied to the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes a day.

  3. Make a mask from egg yolks and apply to skin with a cotton ball. Wash off with cold water after 15 to 20 minutes.

  4. Ground nutmeg mixed with milk and applied to affected area for 1 to 2 hours.

  5. Cinnamon and honey mixed into a paste and applied to affected area overnight for a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

  6. Cinnamon and lemon juice. Not for sensitive skin.

  7. Juice of fresh papaya including the skin and seeds applied to pimples.

  8. Lime or lemon juice and rose water in equal portions applied to skin and wash off with lukewarm water after 20 to 30 minutes. Use this for 20 to 25 days for the best results.

  9. Ripe tomato rubbed on area. Wash off after an hour.

  10. Make a paste of fresh lime juice mixed with roasted and powdered pomegranate skins.

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