Acne Causes And Symptoms And Alternative Home Remedies For Acne Scars Treatment
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Acne is a disarray of pilosebaceous unit, which is a combination of sebaceous glands and hair. These glands and hair are found almost on the entire body. The maximum numbers of pilosebaceous units are present on the upper neck, chest and face keeping the skin as well as the hair moisturized.

The sebaceous glands expand and generate more sebum during adolescence. This generation of more sebum is due to the influence of hormones called androgens. Similarly, the sebum generation gets decreased after the age of 20.

Causes of Acne Vulgaris

Wrong eating habits can be the root cause for all types of acne. Irregular hours of eating, excessive starch consumption, too much of sugar, fried and fatty foods are also common causes of acne. Chronic constipation is another cause of acne vulgaris.

If the bowels do not move properly, the waste matter is not eliminated as quickly as it should be and the bloodstream becomes surcharged with toxic matter. The extra efforts of the skin to eliminate excess waste result in acne and other forms of skin diseases. Devitalised Condition of Skin

Acne is also caused due to a devitalised condition of the skin which is a result of unhygienic living habits, excessive consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol or tobacco, and sedentary habits, which lead to indigestion and general debility. Quit smoking, or at least drastically reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke per day.

Without this, no amount of home remedies for pimples or acne can help. In addition to being healthy for your skin, this will also help to increase overall health levels. You should also reduce your intake of all caffeinated beverages and substitute them with healthier options like fruit juices and fresh milkshakes. Make sure that you exercise on a daily basis and avoid sitting down for prolonged periods. If you have a sedentary job, make sure that you get up every hour or so and walk around for a few minutes as this will help to promote proper blood circulation.

Home Remedies for Acne

  1. Make a paste of nutmeg (jaiphal) with unboiled milk and apply on affected area. This works as a wonderful ointment. Pimples disappear without leaving a mark.

  2. Egg whites are also used to get rid of acne. Apply it on face and leave overnight. Wash off in the morning.

  3. Neem is used for the treatment of all sorts of skin problems. It contains Nimbidol and Gedunin, which have very good fungicidal properties. Neem has proved to be beneficial in skin disorders such as warts, scabies, psoriasis, eczema, and even dandruff. It is extremely effective in acne treatment.

  4. Orange peel has been found very effective in the local treatment of acne. mixed well with water on a piece of stone, the peel should be applied to the affected areas.

  5. Take 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Make a paste. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. Repeat for two weeks, pimples will disappear forever.

  6. Hot fomentation can be applied locally to open up the pores and to bring out the waste matter. The affected parts should then be washed with cold water. Take sun and air baths by exposing the whole body to the sun and air.

  7. Before going to bed apply ice on the face. This will reduce the inflammation and burning sensation on the skin and also help get rid of acne scars.

  8. Mix 1-tablespoon groundnut oil with 1-tablespoon fresh limejuice to prevent formation of blackheads and pimples.

  9. Make a paste of fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves. Apply it over the face every night for 10-15 minutes and washed with warm water. This will prevent pimples, blackheads, and wrinkles.

  10. Slice a lemon in half and rub it on the effected area and leave it over night and rinse your face in the morning or squeeze the juice and mix it with rose water and apply to the effected areas.

  11. Foods with Niacin and vitamin A are also used for the treatment of the acne. It is recommended to take100 mg niacin, three times daily, and 50,000 international units of vitamin A, three times daily. Vitamin E, 400 mg, should be taken once daily. This therapy should be continued for a month.

  12. Garlic has been used successfully in the treatment of acne. Rub raw garlic on the affected skin several times a day, it will help to remove the scars. Chronic forms of acne are also healed by this method.

  13. Take a teaspoon of coriander juice; mix it with a pinch of turmeric powder. It is a very effective home made ointment for pimples and blackheads. The mixture should be applied to the face after thoroughly washing it every night before going to bed. Mint juice can be used in a similar manner as coriander juice.

  14. Juice of raw papaya (including the skin and seed) can also be applied on swelling pimples.

  15. Cornstarch when combined with water can be used as a mask to absorb oil.

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