Acne Causes And Treatment Of Acne To Reduce The Acne Scars
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Acne is a common problem for all; however it is common in teenagers. Teenagers are more prone to have acne due to excessive production of androgenic hormones during puberty. Teen acne in its initial years is frustrating when no treatment works.

There are a variety of acne treatment from herbal to synthetic medications. Most people use herbal remedies. Herbal remedies are effective and safest side by side. Creams and lotions are also formulated using natural herbs. Basic function of these herbs is to destroy bacterial colonies within hair follicles, provision of required nutrients like vitamins, minerals and essential proteins for skin growth.

What causes Acne?

It is thought that the increased production of the Testosterone hormone and natural oils in the body during the teenage years is responsible for the formation of pimples. However other physical and genetic factors may also play a role. Stress, psychological disturbances, and irregular living habits can also bring on Acne.

Impact of Acne

While Acne is not life-threatening, it can have a very adverse psychological impact on it's young sufferer. At the very time of your life, when you're extra-conscious about your looks and want to fit in, being marked out by acne can be extremely difficult to live with. Teenagers with acne are often prone to depression and often show poor self-esteem and a general lack of confidence.

The large incidence of Acne is the reason there are so many skin products in the market, designed to fight and cure it.

Herbal Remedies for Acne

Aloe Vera- it contains antibacterial properties that calm the skin. It also fights bacteria and reduce inflammation. This property can also boost the immune system by reducing infections and regenerate skin. To do this, cut an Aloe Vera stalk and directly apply to the acne scar.

Dandelion Root- it is rich in nutrients that can help remove acne scars. It detoxifies the skin from toxins and excessive hormones.

Tea Tree Oil- it is a powerful antiseptic and antifungal treatment that can battle bacteria. When the ea tree oil is undiluted, it may cause skin irritation, blistering and redness when applied on the skin. The concentration should be 5% tea tree oil gel and 95% water to make it effective.

Lavender Essential Oil- It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, calming effect, prevents scarring and promotes wound healing. Here's how to make a treatment for acne: When you mix it with water, mix 1 part of the lavender oil with 10 parts of purified water. This will help in reducing acne. It can also reduce stress and can help reduce pimple production. But if you are allergic to it, don't use it.

Burdock Root- it is also known to treat skin problems. Its main ingredients are arcigen, calcium, flavonoid, chlorogenic acid, iron, lactone, mucilage, tannin, taraxosterol, resin, inulin, potassium, and polyacetylenes. It helps remove toxins in the body and may result to reduction of acne and pimples.

Yellow Dock- it is an herb that has properties that can improve circulation and clean the body from toxins. It is more effective when blended with burdock and dandelion for cleansing.

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