Acne Causes And Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Pimples
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You may have heard a lot many people complaining about acne. Any idea what acne is? Have you faced this skin problem? No idea! Firstly, acne is a commonly occurring skin disorder causing pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, zits or deep bumps over the skin. The areas usually affected by acne are face, back, chest and shoulders. If the skin pores get clogged with oil, bacteria or dead skin cells, acne develops. While acne can develop at any age, it is most common during adolescence.

Though there are many acne skin care products available over the counter for the treatment of acne, opting for at home acne treatments is the best way to achieve long lasting results and avoid any side effects. Many companies market their products as the best treatment for acne. Also, buying these products may cost you a lot. So, acne treatment at home saves your money as well.

  1. Apply essential oils, such as Tea Tree Oil, Bergamot Oil, Clove Oil, Lavender Oil, and Rosewood Oil. For sensitive skin, dilute the oil with grapeseed oil. Apply the oil before going to bed at night, then wash it away in the morning with a pure soap, such as Ivory, and clean water.
  1. If you are not taking any medications that could cause you to be overly sensitive to the sun, try getting some sunshine everyday. The purpose is not to tan to hide the acne. Instead, the sun actually kills the bacteria, and dries up the sebum oil that produces acne. This is a common home treatment for acne that doesn't cost anything.

  2. Acne begins on the inside of the body, not on the surface of the skin. Drink plenty of water - at least eight glasses per day - to help detoxify your body and cure acne. Also eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  3. For home treatment for acne, apply an oatmeal mask at least once or twice a week. Cook oatmeal, and while it is still warm (not scalding hot) apply it to your entire face. Allow the oatmeal to dry, then wash it away. You can also use dried oatmeal, dampened - but not cooked - with warm water as a facial scrub to exfolliate the skin and clean the pores.

  4. Avoid eating processed foods, and stick to more natural fruits and vegetables. No food has ever been scientifically proven to cause acne, however, if you have a food allergy, the allergy often results in acne. Many people have food allergies, and go their entire lives without knowing it. Don't assume that a food allergy will leave you unconscious on the floor - the allergic reaction can appear in many forms, like acne breakouts. You can visit an allergist for a simple blood test to find out if you have any food allergies.

  5. Toothpaste is probably the most effective home remedy to use for acne spot treatment. After washing/cleaning your skin, you take a small amount of toothpaste and put it directly on the pimple.

  6. Break an egg into a bowl and take out the egg yolk, because we just need the egg white. Applying the egg white on the affected areas of your skin is the best acne treatment at home.

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