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Acne or pimple is a skin disorder which causes skin eruptions and inflammation in human beings. Acne is a skin disorder which causes skin eruptions and inflammation in human beings. Usually this problem of acne occurs during the adolescence or teenage years. Usually 90% of the young population suffers from this problem.

But this problem is also common among adult. They may occur on face, chest, shoulders, back, neck and even upper arms. Acne is said to be the most common and chronic disease. Even people in 40’s can get acne. It is not a life threatening disease but for teenagers it is upsetting and also disfiguring because in many case it leads to permanent and serious scarring.

There are some physical and genetic factors which are responsible for the occurrence of Acne. It may be caused due to psychological disturbances, stress and also due to irregular living habits. But the main cause is the increased production of testosterone hormone and natural oils in the body during the adolescence. Some another major causes of acne are chronic constipation.

The problem of acne can be easily treated with the help of home remedies as well as herbal remedies. Some of the important and effective treatments of acne

  1. Intake of more and more water at least 10 glasses of water a day helps in reducing the occurrence of acne. It eliminates in eliminating toxicity from our system. It cleans our system, keeps our skin hydrated and reduces the problem of acne.

  2. Mix the powder of roasted pomegranate skin with juice of lime and apply this mixture on affected area. This treatment of acne is very effective. It also controls the spreading of infection, removes scars and also prevents the formation of cysts, rashes, pustules and blackheads.

  3. You can erase the scars of old pimples by applying almond oil.

  4. You can also apply a paste of sandal powder and turmeric on pimples. Its application absorbs the extra oil and turmeric is famous for its anti-bacterial effect.

  5. To get rid from the problems of acne and pimples, you can use golden glow capsule. It is made from a special mixture of ayurvedic herbs. It is having the quality of blood purifying.

  6. In treating the problem of cystic and pimply acne, fresh juice of apricot is very effective.

  7. For the purpose of treating pimples, pulp of ripe tomato is also very effective. You can apply this pulp on all over your face, keep for half an hour and then wash it.

  8. Herbal formulations and supplements can be used as a safe and effective natural remedy to get rid of acne.

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