Actor Shobhan Babu Dies
pavan • onInformation 11 years ago • 1 min read

Tamil and Telugu actor Shobhan Babu, who gained popularity for his roles as a romantic hero, passed away in Chennai on Thursday morning. The actor died after he suffered a fatal spinal injury when he fell from the staircase at his home in Chennai.

Shobhan was 71 years old and is survived by four children—three daughters and one son. Born Uppu Sobhana Chalapathi Rao on January 14, 1937, to a middle-class family, Sobhan went on to become a romantic icon and was the top Tollywood hero for two decades. He made his film debut with Daivabalam directed by Vasanthkumar Reddy, but his first film to hit the screens was Bhakta Sabari.

Shobhan's Manushulu Maarali ran for 25 weeks, a record-breaking achievement in those days. He received the Filmfare Award four times, the Nandi Award five times and the AP Cine Goers Award eight times.



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