Actress Trisha's Secret Is Out
pavan • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 1 min read

Till now many must have seen Trisha Krishnan as a homely and a semi modern girl in films. But there are some things in her personal life which she does not share with anyone.

One thing which might not be knowing is that she showers her affection on living and also non living things.

Her friend informs that once she took old dress of Trisha when they were in college. When Trisha came to know of it from her mother, she immediately went to her friend and bought her a brand new dress and took the old dress!!

Her friends say that if Trishna does not wanna lose her obejects even if they become old like pens, dresses, books etc.

For every object she has a story to tell. But this hobby or can someone describe it as over-attachment is causing heart burn to her mother who has a hell of a time keeping these objects safe!!

Anyway it is also a known fact that girls who have this sort of mentality would love and care for their husbands a lot.


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