Adobe Reader 9 Downloads And Reviews
bruceatoz • onIt & Systems 9 years ago • 2 min read

Adobe Reader is the tool for opening and using Adobe PDFs that are created in Adobe Acrobat. With Adobe Reader you can view, print, and manage PDFs. After opening a PDF in Reader, you have a variety of tools to help you find information quickly.

If you receive a PDF form, you can complete it online and submit it electronically. If you receive an invitation to review a PDF, use the commenting and markup tools to annotate it. Use the Reader multimedia tools to play video and music in a PDF. And if a PDF contains sensitive information, you can sign or certify a document with a digital ID.

Adobe Reader is a powerful application that provides far more functionality than just viewing, navigating, and printing Adobe PDF documents. Additional tools and functions are activated within Adobe Reader when special enabled PDF files are opened.

Adobe PDF files can be used as a vehide to review and mark up documents when collaborating on a project. Special markup tools such as electronic sticky notes and highlingters are used within Adobe Reader to non-destructively add comments and provide feedback to document author.

Adobe Reader is very useful for PDF fanatics, as PDF is created by Adobe Acrobat. It is not just the tool for opening, viewing, managing, using and printing Adobe PDFs, but also a tool for creating PDF files.


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