Aging Gracefully
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UK Older People's Day 2008 marks the huge contribution older people make to families and communities. A new national photography exhibition depicting a group of energetic and passionate older people is being held in London. Photo: Vas Burton by Georgina Mason

At 91 years old, Topsy Clinch is an active member of the Pickering Flood Defence Group and volunteered to sit for this picture illustrating the devastation flooding can cause to homes and towns. Photo: The Press, York

"This image of David and Gloria Bowles, from Shepton Mallett in Somerset, depicts their unconventional attitude to getting older. They met at Camberwell Art School in the 60s and have never stopped being creative, active people." Photo: Geraint Davies

"Former Rambert dancer, Anne Dickie, holds regular classes for older people. I wanted to illustrate the great energy, enthusiasm and confidence that this particular student demonstrates." Photo: Rachel Cherry

"After having worked for many years as a social worker, a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship enabled Jean Stogdon to travel to the USA to study the role of grandparents and kinship care. Jean subsequently founded Grandparents Plus in 2001." Photo: Laura Woods

Mary Goble with her only granddaughter, Ella, aged 8. "They have a very special relationship. I wanted to convey how wonderful it is to have the love, never ending support and patience of an older person in one¢s life." Photo: Annie Armitage

"Michael is an artist who trained at St. Martins and the Royal Academy and his love of art and music fills his life." Photo: Annie Armitage. The "Age, Snapped" photography exhibition is being held at the LCC Galleries in central London and runs until 4 October.


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