Ahmedabad - Of Temples And Towns
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Ahmedabad is a tourist’s delight, with its countless monuments and its many places of historical significance. There are many options among the hotels in Ahmedabad and you can spend, splurge and make your stay in the city of Ahmedabad a memorable and extremely comfortable one by opting for a room in one of the premier hotels present in the city. There are many luxury hotels and resorts in the city of Ahmedabad and some of these are Hotel Pride, Hotel Le Meridian, Hotel Taj Residency, and Hotel Courtyard by Marriot, Hotel Inder Residency and Hotel Fortune Landmark.

The Taj Residency is a famed hotel that has been around for quite a while now. With plush and extremely luxurious interiors and state of the art furnishing, the Taj Residency offers its residents and patrons a very memorable stay that is bound to linger in their minds long after they have left the particular city.

One major advantage of going for a room in Hotel Taj Residency is its staff – they are all well trained and very hospitable, and they are ever ready to solve your problems and answer your queries. The Taj Residency is also a stone’s throw away from the airport and checking in can be quite easy. You can also book your tickets or plan trips easily though the front desk.

Hotel Le Meridian is another famous luxury hotel that is located bang in the middle of the city, and is located near the Sabarmati River. The rooms in this hotel have a beautiful view of the riverside, and the interiors are one of their kind and beautifully elegant. The hotel has marble floors and granite pillars standing in stark contrast above these, and you will be enveloped by a feel of royalty when you enter its cozy interiors.

Another good option among the Ahmedabad hotels would be Hotel Inder Residency, which is located quite near the airport and railway station, thus making commute to the city center easy. Commute is a very important factor in a city like Ahmedabad. You will not need air conditioned rooms in Ahmedabad during the winter months, and during this time, the hotels will provide heating services that can keep you cozy throughout. Opting for budget or mid range hotels may not provide you with this choice however. This is one of the foremost reasons why you should opt for high end hotels for your stay whenever possible.

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