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The following article will discuss the history, tradition, and success of air jordans the greatest basketball shoe in history. Air jordans are without a viable competitor, they are the ultimate shoe and have really been a staple of urban and basketball culture in North American and abroad since their birth in the mid 1980s. Air Jordans have immortalized Michael Jordan and also provided endless streams of revenue. His popularity combined with the uniqueness of the shoes and their acceptance into urban, street, basketball and generally popular culture can only be described as a fashion phenomena, that to this day has never truly been repeated. There are many sites online providing air jordans the most famous and respected of which is called As modern times bring us more towards and online era we will see this trend revolutionized via the internet and online social networks.

Air jordans or nike air jordans have a long history in the sneaker and shoes games as on of the most sought after, limited, and hyped shoes when they release a new line. The anticipation of new nike air jordans can create a great frenzy among nike and sneaker enthusiasts who love to follow the lasted hyped up trends online and in fashion magazines and more. Air Jordans are known under a variety of slang aliases which include AJ’s, Jordans, or J’s. Similarly, a pair of air jordans shoese or sneakers will often be referred to as a pair of “kicks”.

However, there is a great question in this sneaker lovers mind over whether or not everyone who collects air jordans and nike shoes in general really understands the long tradition of nike air jordans. Many of the newer styles coming out are described as nike air Jordan retros, however, everyone knows that these air Jordan retros have to be a retro of something and that history has carried several generations of sneaker lovers through a trend that is going to move on into the future at a far quicker rate thanks to the internet.

The first air jordans to come out, not too shockingly were Air Jordan I. This release of air jordans was designed by Peter Moore and they released in 1985. At this time most sneaker heads today, were not even born….At this time it was all about the basketball shoes, these shoes had not gained their recognition, fame, or celebrity that they have today and many retailed for about 20$ the tradition continued nonetheless.

The second release of nike air Jordan II from designer Eric Huber of King's College ouccured in 1986 and carried the more expensive price tag of about 100$ for a pair. The exclusivity and hype of the air jordans sneakers may have began at this point in time. Some sneakers used Italian leather and fake lizard skin and being as these materials were a more expensive choice the price tag was not all hype back in the day of the air Jordan 2 releases.

Next came the air Jordan III made by designer Tinker Hatfield. They are described as a true revolution in air jordan’s history as a world renowned sneaker. There was a visible logo for air on the heel they also had humourous ads depicting Spike Lee and Mars Blackmon. More importantly, Michael Jordan has himself declared that he prefers the air Jordan III over all other releases of air jordans.

Following, we come to Air Jordan IV this was released in 1989 it was also still designed by Tinker Hatfield. These shoes were used in the promotion of Spike Lee’s movie “Do the Right Thing”.

Air Jordan V was released in February of 1990. To keep with the tradition Hatfield also designed this line of air Jordan shoes. He revolutionized this line of jordans with a reflective tongue on the air Jordan shoes which was very popular when it released. Clear rubber soles were also used to give the jordans a unique look.

The next inevitable air Jordan release would have to be the air Jordan VI being released in late 1990 or early 1991. Undoubtedly, you can imagine it was another instant success. This shoes big feature was a rubber tongue it has 2 holes so that the shoes could be put on more easily than previously. A practical, but nonetheless popular addition to the shoes which had become increasingly a staple of athletes. In particular, athletes of basketball seeking out air Jordan basketball shoes modeled after the famous Michael Air Jordan.

In 2007, air jordans have reached air Jordan XXII. They marked Michael Jordans 44th birthday. As technology progresses in the modern era so does that of the air jordans. In fact, this edition of kicks have Independent Podular Suspension (IPS), a shank made from titanium which provides midsole support, 2 pairs of interchangeable pillars in the heel. There were a variety of other features and hype surrounding these air jordans but I cannot really get into it all in this entry.

In conclusion, air jordans or for a time nike air jordans, are one of the most respected sneaker traditions with a history that outlasts even most contemporary sneaker trends and is older than many of the current sneakerheads who passionately seek out the latest and most exclusive kicks available. One can assume that this tradition will continue long into the future with the acceptance of air jordans into contemporary urban and sporting culture across the world and the proliferation of the air Jordan brand across the online world as a recognizable staple of fashion and lifestyle that really cannot be copied or taken over by any newcomer brand.



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    No disrespect intended, but I believe they're just that: hyped. Hyped and overhyped. I think some of the shoes are nice, but some are just outlandishly horrible.