Alcohol Liver And Tips For Liver Care
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Almost all drinking alcoholic beverages in most social outings, because "so typical" or "to relax". Unfortunately, the drink is not always harmless and beyond the simple use of drug abuse and alcoholism, alcohol dependence, is not easily discernible. The liver or liver is one of the bodies are often destroyed by alcohol abuse. Of particular importance for your liver is not the type of beverage, but the amount of alcohol.

Lower limit of serious liver disease is the daily consumption of 60 or 40 grams of alcohol for 10-20 years for men and women respectively, but perfectly safe daily consumption are the 20 or 10 grams of alcohol for men or women.


Proceedings, 20 grams of alcohol contained in beer 1 bottle (500 ml), 1 large glass of white wine (180 ml) or red (150 ml) 1 or stronger drinks such as whiskey or vodka (45-50 ml).

Alcoholic liver disease often begins as liposi and can reach up to cirrhosis. The liposi could still be a few days and consumption of enough alcohol, but often fully restored to the discontinuation. In contrast, cirrhosis is irreversible, but here the discontinuation of alcohol helps significantly in improving and maintaining adequate liver function.

Tips for Liver Care

Liver is one of the most functional organs in the human body. Often referred to as "Engine of the body, the liver plays an important role in digestion, metabolism and structure of key enzymes. Some scientists believe the liver is more valuable than the brain and heart, because the main tasks it performs.

Liver is the largest gland - about the size of a soccer ball - the body on the right side of the abdomen to the lower side and just below the diaphragm. The major functions performed are:

• Releases a substance called "bile" which helps metabolization of carbs, proteins and fats. • It processes most of the nutrients absorbed from the intestines during digestion and convert nutrients into forms that can be used by the body. • It stores certain vitamins, minerals (including iron) and sugars, regulates fat stores and controls the production and secretion of cholesterol. • It detoxifies the body from the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and environmental toxins. • Regulates blood composition, including the amounts of glucose (sugar), protein and fat entering the bloodstream. It also monitors the production and secretion of cholesterol. • He operated as lymph clotting factor to stop the profuse bleeding after cuts or injuries.

Does Care for Liver

• Drink lemon water every morning as it is beneficial to the liver. Lemon enhances liver function and helps you digest your food, helping the liver produce more bile. • Have a combination of vegetable juice such as spinach (Palak) and carrot in the amount equal to at least 3-4 days a week. This helps to detoxify the liver. • Dandelion (Kanphul) acts as a stimulant and helps the liver in proper use of fats in the body. It also helps detoxify the liver. The juice extracted from wild radish is one of the most useful drugs to take proper care of the liver. • Neem has cleansing properties and can reduce levels of toxicity in the liver and the circulation of your blood. It can also reduce the unnecessary discharge of bile. • Garlic is also very beneficial to the liver. 3 cloves of garlic a day is very important for a person with a weak liver. • Bitter gourd (Karela) can be used for detoxification, blood cleansing and care of the liver as well.

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