All Day Dirty Talk… All Night Sex
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 2 min read

If you and your boyfriend are planning a romantic evening full of passionate love making the best way to set the mood is to start early in the day with some dirty talk. The excitement will build all day and the sex will be awesome!

Start the dirty talk early in the day you leave him a note that teases him about what’s to come. A simple text message that reads “I can’t wait to…” will start the ball rolling. A few hours later send another message that reads “kiss” and continue the message adding only one word per text message until it is time for him to leave to pick you up or come home whatever your situation is. Then send him the completed text message.

What’s the purpose of the all day message? Simple it gives him something to look forward to throughout the day the next word that is, while allowing his imagination to be the only thing working overtime that night.

The beauty of the all day message is you can be romantic, spicy and nasty or a combination of all three which I find works best! What you type in the message is entirely up to you. My personal favorite begins with what you will be wearing when he arrives, what you want to do to him and what you want him to do to you and the more descriptive you are the better!

If text messaging is not your style then you can of course use the telephone, this way can be a little more complicated as you don’t want to interrupt his work and you never know who may be standing on the other side of his desk or within ear shot of your conversation.

The same applies to a writing him little “love notes’ of course these will need to be written in two or three parts at the most and you never know who’s hand they may end up in. So clearly the text message method works best.


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