Allergy Herbal Remedies And Exercise For Immunotherapy
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Allergies are something that is very common and there are many sufferers out there looking for some type of relief.

You may have tried many prescription drugs in the past, but you may not know about natural allergy relief that can help you to regain your life, especially during the dreaded allergy season.

You do not have to resolve to suffer with allergies and there may be some great natural treatments that allow you to regain your life.

Herbal Remedies for Allergy

Nux vomica

Nux vomica is a classic remedy used to treat digestive complaints and especially allergies from drugs or food. Irritability and impatience will be present!


Pulsatilla is used after eating rich or simply fatty foods. Warmth produces a worsening of symptoms as does a closed in and stuffy room. Coolness or being in the open air relieves symptoms.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a powerful healer and has a soothing gel that may be applied to the skin. Aloe has plant steroids that fight inflammation. Not just urticaria but also psoriasis and eczema may be treated with aloe.


Nettles are the classic cure for hives. Nettle juice may be applied direct to the skin or nettle tea taken when in need. Chamomile tea will also sooth and can be made into a cold compress.

Apis Mellifica

Apis Mellifica is probably the most well known homeopathic remedy for hives. The picture is that of raise red blotches that get worse with warmth and which are of poorer quality at night. There is swelling on the face about the eyes or lips.


Chickweed is a tiny white star shaped flower possibly growing near your home. It is a wonderful traditional treatment for soothing skin rashes and eruptions and sores. A simple tea may be made from chickweed and used to bathe the inflamed skin. A chickweed ointment may also be made and used after the bathing. Exercise and Yoga Poses

Pack your medicine in your gym bag: The type of medication will depend on your condition- either allergy or asthma. People with allergies may take antihistamine tablets before the activity while those with asthma can use the inhaler before the exercise. If you take the medication 15 minutes before the exercise, you should be all right

Take time to warm up: It is recommended that you should not push yourself beyond your capabilities. Begin your exercise programme carefully. Take time to warm up and then start out slow but steady. Starting out fast will make you wear out fast.

Participate in exercises that require shorter bursts of exercise: these exercises tend to cause less trouble than those that involve long periods of running. For people with asthma, swimming is the ideal exercise. This is because, with the high humidity, you mouth won't dry out. Baseball, tennis and golf is also good.

Fire breathing is beneficial because it massages and relaxes the respiratory system, relieving the pressure that is caused by allergy symptoms. Fire mouthful of air might get a little extra time to learn as the rhythms of the breathing takes perform.

Take precautions seriously: For those who have insect sting allergies, here are some tips if you are exercising outdoors. Fish Pose is not very difficult for beginners to learn. Its stretch the lungs and is thought to be fine for obstruction.

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