Alluring Aphrodisiacs
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Eroticism is not just the pursuit of better sex. Nor is there a better or a more successful aphrodisiac other than the human mind. But, there is something about cultivating a life of heightened sexuality, and revving up desire. Enter: alternative sources of arousal.

Perfumes: Intimate and seductive, perfumes have a direct magical link to our moods. Violet was the personal statement of Josephine Bonaparte, who believed in its aphrodisiacal power, a scent that heightens only to disappear without a trace--then return. Try these, even their names are suggestive: Obsession, Silences, Mystique, Joy, Contradiction…

The Food Of Love: A passage from Aphrodite, Isabel Allende's engrossing book on aphrodisiacs, verbalises the appeal of food. "The most intense carnal pleasure, enjoyed in a clandestine bed, a perfect combination of caresses, laughter and games has the taste of, French cheese…That bread with ham and cheese brings back the essence of our embraces, and that German wine, the taste of his lips. I cannot separate aphrodisiacs from food." Need one say more?

Champagne: In a survey done by Cosmopolitan, 81 per cent women questioned said champagne was their ultimate love drug. The bubbles dissolved all their resistance.

Ice, ice, baby: Do what you will, but keep your ice cubes small, and don't stop at the obvious uses.

Power: Henry Kissinger said power was the greatest aphrodisiac, and he--a funny-looking man, also for a long time arguably the most powerful man in the world, and was considered dead attractive in diplomatic circles.

Honey: According to legend, Anthony and Cleopatra got into history through feasting on a honey-and almond paste off…well… Even in the 5th Century B.C. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, prescribed honey to anxious grooms. Where do you think the word "honeymoon" comes from?

Potions: Looking for some potions to try at home? Try Bewitched--Titania's Book of Love Spells by Titania Hardie or Aphrodisiacs by Marion McGilbary.

Chocolate: Cocoa contains phenylethylamine, the same endorphin released into the bloodstream when you have sex. And theobromine, a carbohydrate which produces the relaxing chemical serotonin. You can't miss this one.

Risk: Well, it helps James Bond to seduce whoever he wants. Isn't there something devastating thrilling about doing on-the-edge things to heighten desire?

Oysters: Oh, you know of course that oysters were Casanova's seafood of choice. But we can't leave it out for obvious reasons.

Jewels: A sparkling beautiful gem or a diamond well worn on the right place (less is more here) is a deadly aphrodisiac.

Music: Nada--primodial sound--represents the copulation of Shiva and Shakti. Its most developed form is melody. Allow music to provoke the instinctive, the most sensitive corners of you. For an erotic person, sound and music are reverberating energies.

You and Your Lover: Desire is fluid of course, but it is your head (and of course, her hands, lips, mouth/the way she wears her sari) that strikes irresistibly. Your head is your own biggest aphrodisiac. Imagine! and go along that imagination with your loved one.

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