Amnesia Effective And Permanent Natural Cure For Memory Loss
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Amnesia is considered as one of the disorder that you can have as you get older. However, the brain also gets older as your body and its function relish and maintains frequently wanes.

You can find it hard to recall things and it can be very annoying, it is as well frightening to think that if everyone will enable to experience the disorder once they get older. However, the scariest part is not to determine that things need to be done in order to prevent and cure it. Well, with regards to this things, there are something that enables to be done to aid enhance and repair the memory.

Effective Herbs and Permanent Natural Cure for Amnesia


Regarded as the herb of remembrance [in the times of ancient Greece], this herb tends to be an antidote to forgetfulness and mental fatigue. Made into a tea and taken twice a day this concoction will help enhance mental agility.


Making and drinking a tea from the dried leaves of this plant [about twice a day] seems to have the power to strengthen the ability to concentrate and help with mental exhaustion by acting on the cortex of the brain.

Perennial booti

Prepare this herb by drying it out in the shade [7 grams per mixture], ground this dried herb, 6 or 7 almond kernels, a little pepper [1/2 gram], then add about 1 liter of water, strain and sweeten to taste. This mixture needs to be taken [on an empty stomach] every morning for about two weeks for any effects to be noticed.

Cumin seed

Valuable in the treatment of amnesia or the dullness of memory, take three grams of this seed in 2 teaspoons of pure honey once a day, preferably in the early morning.

Black pepper

Grind 5 pepper seeds and mix into honey [1 teaspoon], take this concoction in the morning and the evening, this will help counteract dullness of memory.

Fruits used for memory improvement


Enhancement memory To utilize the benefits, soak 10 to 12 nuts overnight, remove the skin and create a paste to be consumed every morning. Or, inhale approximately 15 drops of pure almond oil through the nose on a daily basis.


Containing various nutritional substances [vitamin B1, phosphorus, and potassium etc], these three mentioned help synthesize glutamic acid which in turn helps control the wear and tear of nerve cells. Eat the apple, a teaspoon of honey and drink a glass of milk [helps with loss of memory and mental irritability] at the same time to help recharge the nerves with new energy.

Remember all fruits and foods that are rich in phosphorus help to invigorate the brain cells, a few examples of fruit are - oranges, grapes, figs and dates. The patients’ diet should also include foods like cereals, nuts, egg yolks, fruit juices and milk.

Intake vitamins

A nice regimen of supplements, particularly folic acid, will enable to aid you remember much better.

Herbal supplements

A wide array of herbs like gingko biloba, have observe that shown aid to enhance memory retention.

Stress less

To try to remove the stress in everyone's life, by means of relaxation or through medication, aid the brain to retain.

Have some time to do more games

The mental gamers like Sudoku or crossword puzzles, will aid to sharpen the entire faculties.


Lots of reasons to make this, one of which is it maintain the brain healthy.

Have enough sleep

To acquire your slumber on a usual schedule is best for your noggin.

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