Amusement Parks In Singapore
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Singapore is a tourists paradise for a variety of reasons and the wide selection of amusement parks is just one of them. Nature parks, night safaris, and also bird parks, the amusement parks in Singapore indeed offer a variety. Scattered across the city and within easily accessible locations, these Singapore amusement parks are thronged by the locals as well as the tourists all throughout the year. These parks are equipped with elements to offer you entertainment as well as educate you on several issues related to the history, geography and culture and also the vivid wildlife of the area.

So come and visit the amusement parks in Singapore and enjoy a roller coaster ride.

Escape Theme Park Get ready to thrill your bones and chatter your teeth at the Escape Theme Park. The rides at the Escape Theme Park promises to provide you with lots of wrecked nerves as you experience some of its twisty- twirly rides. The Escape Theme Park has both dry and wet rides for those who enjoy some splashing around. Kids can enjoy rides such as The Red Baron, The Daytona Go-cart, and the Family Coaster.

For the ones game for some adrenalin rush there are rides such as the Inverter, Revolution and the Rainbow. The strong hearts can try the Alpha 8, which will take you through some sharp twists and turns. Located at Pasir Ris Road, you can alight at the Pasir Ris MRT station and then avail of the free shuttle bus services to the park that start at 8.45 am onwards.

Fantasy Island Singapore can be intolerably hot sometimes. So what do you do? Kill the heat with a trip to Fantasy Island and take a plunge into its cool inviting waters. The popular water-based theme park is ideal to cool off and is located on the Sentosa Island. Enjoy long, wide rides on its numerous water slides and pack your day with fast action. Move through swift waters on river rafts or slide through a long black tunnel at 'Black Hole'.

Snow City Tired of warmth and humidity? Then head straight to the Snow City that promises to give some chilling experience. You can enjoy adventure sports such as snowboarding, skiing and snow tubing down a snowy slope. Alternatively enjoy some naughty snow fighting and get a thorough winter experience. For those interested in some knowledge, can learn about survival in cold weather and the process of snow formation. Have fun playing and dawdling the hours in the real snow created with the help of special guns. To touch and play with real snow, come and visit the permanent indoor snow centre at Singapore - the only one of its kind - Snow City!

Singapore Marina City Park The wonderful destination of Marina City Park offers splendid view of the city skyline and the charming sea. Located at Marina South the park is a desired destination to plan for a family getaway. The entrances to the park can be found at Marina Boulevard and Marina Park. Marina City Park built on a reclaimed land was planned to be a premier park of the Singapore's proposed project "city of the 21st century". Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Marina City Park.

Singapore NEWater Visitor Center The city/nation/island of Singapore is a dynamic city and at this place you would find an appropriate blend of the architecture, cuisine, culture and arts. It upholds the best of the East as well as the West and provides excellent vacation opportunities. It is the home to many noted places of interest and the NEWater Visitor Center is definitely one of them.

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