Andhra Leader & Ex KCR's Friend Counters KCR
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Today HMTV conducted "Dasa Disa" speech on the Telangana issue in Nellore. The meeting was attended by both "Jai Andhra" and "Samaikyandhra" people. The first few speakers were from BJP who spoke for dividing the state. Then the senior leader Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy's turn came. His speech has been divided into various parts.


He reminded how the Andhra people allowed the BJP leaders who wanted separate Andhra state speak without any hindrance. He reminded that this is real democracy unlike the Telangana region, where if anyone spoke for United AP, then he would be trashed by the TRS goons. "This itself shows that there is democracy in Andhra but not in Telangana" he said.

"In the Andhra region no "Jai Andhra" activists were ever attacked. But in the Telangana region some people like Danam were beaten when they spoke in favor of United state. KCR and his nephew Harish Rao warned several times that they would cut the tongues of people if they spoke in favor of United AP. Are they not worse than Shiv Sena. While Shiva Sena & MNS are targeting the North Indians, Gujaratis and Kannadigas, the TRS activists are targeting the Telugu people themselves" he said.He reminded when PV.Narasimharao stood from(after becoming P.M)Nandhyal M.P constituency the Late NTR did not keep any TDP candidate opposite PVR(to suuport our telugu bidda as P.M)but where as the BJP which is talking of Telangana now has made Bangaru Laxman to contest against PVR from Nandyal.


"When KCR alleged about the ill treatment meted out to the Telangana region, we asked him to provide details on how Telangana was ignored. But when he found out that Telangana received much more funds than Andhra he changed his tune and is now talking of self respect. I have all the proofs with me to prove that Telangana received more funds when compared to Andhra since the last 50 years."He said that it is the Chief Ministers from Seemandhra region who has developed Telangana more than the CM's of Telangana.


"KCR talks of backwardness of the Telangana people. Then how come the only Cabinet minister from AP since the last 6 years was only Jaipal Reddy? Rest of ministers from AP are only state ministers. There was no international cricketer from the Andhra region while Telangana produced three international cricketers like VVS Laxman, Jayasimha and Azharuddin. Even the only CBI director from AP belongs to Telangana region. The number of Telugu people in USA from the Telangana region is around 40% while the people from Andhra and Rayalaseema regions are 60%".


"Regarding suicides, the TRS leaders are quoting the number of suicides differently. While one says it is 25, another 100, and still another says it is 200. Is it a cricket score for the TRS and other Telangana leaders to glorify? It is this glorification which is making students commit more suicides".


" The TRS leaders claim that the Andhra leaders never bothered about the fluoride problem in Nalgonda district. The what about the Udayagiri region &Ongole dist. in Andhra? There is also a fluoride problem here which was never taken care off by any leader".


" KCR claims that the smaller the states, the more the development would be. Then how come the three recently carved states like Jharkhand, Uttaranchal and Chhattisgarh are unable to pay even the salaries? I went to Uttaranchal recently for some work. I was taken to a small building. When enquired, the people told me that the building is the state's secretariat. It is smaller than even the middle sized mall in Hyderabad. And one minister passed by without any security. It seems that he does not have much work to do in the new state due to lack of funds".He said that with smaller states the changing of CM's will increase as it happened in goa and jharkahand.

" KCR gives an example of Goa, the smaller state which achieved a lot of development. The state was not developed now. But around 400 years back under Portuguese rule".


"When KCR was in TDP, he used to take classes for us on Samaikyandhra and how to talk publicly. But when he wasn't given the ticket he quit the party and started separate Telangana agitation. How can a person shift his stand suddenly? If he is given the post of CM, then he would chant the Samaikyandhra slogan again".


" KCR claimed during an interview to NDTV that the total number of settlers in Hyderabad are not more than 3 lakhs. If so then there is no need to fight for the 610 GO. The why is the TRS taking up the 610 GO issue? And if the Andhra people are just 3 lakhs in Hyderabad, then why didn't the party fight in the GHMC polls?"


" Professor Jayshankar claimed that the Andhra people would drive the Telangana people from Hyderabad. Who is driving whom? Aren't the TRS activists the ones who are targeting innocent people, properties, film etc? Even hotels owned by Andhra people are not spared".



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