Andhra-Telangana Marriage Thrill Srikrishna Panel
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A young woman from Telangana who entered into wedlock with a youth from Ongole town of coastal Andhra, floored Srikrishna Committee member Abu Saleh Sharif, now on a tour of Prakasam district.

Espousing the cause of united Andhra Pradesh, the newly-wed surprised Dr. Sharif by falling at his feet during an interaction with the public at Uppuguntur of N. G. Mandal.

Moved by the gesture, the noted economist said, “the young couple makes me understand the strong social and cultural links between the people of coastal Andhra and Telangana regions.”

Describing the duo as a “symbol of progressive Andhra Pradesh,” Dr. Sharif said, “we will document this aspect in our report to be submitted by December 31.”

Earlier, three school girls impressed the committee member during an interaction in the town, by exhorting the panel to take note of the current global trend of integration. They also wanted the panel to take into account the resistance to division of Bengal during the freedom struggle in the country and also the historic events such as unification of Italy and Germany.

Zilla Parishad Chairperson K. Arunamma said:, “We share strong cultural links with people in Hyderabad and have matrimonial alliances cutting across regions. We feel totally disturbed by the talk of division of the State. The committee should understand our feelings and recommend a united Andhra.” Tense situation prevailed at the meeting when a group of Dalit organisations shouted slogans in support of division of State.

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